What if…..


What if you had something to share with the world that might be disturbing and unpleasant to its senses. What if this thing was not easy to understand. What if this information could save lives. What if putting it out might cause you to loose your life…..would you do it?

I am not the first person in such a situation and I won’t be the last. Perhaps I more than others understand what is happening and why. Perhaps I have validations that have allowed me to bypass fear of being destroyed. When israel took the truth of life and death away it created a world of fear where men were brought to their knees by the possibility of having the only life they can validate taken from them…. that is a reality. People live with this reality every day in some shape or form…poverty, unemployment and death.

I have something to say that fits this description and I have learned that Israel made the truth so complicated that it would take 7 books and 6000 pages. They chuckled in the beginning that this mere mortal intends to take on the establishment…..that is how they see themselves as a tablecloth and napkins around a place setting of sorts.

They smirked that they live to knock on the doors of humanity that is…..if you were once somebody…..to give you a couple of freebies from your past life so they can watch you run giddy from Isle to Isle. Then they poke you….push you…scream at you…abuse you until you are near death. Then they laugh and say luck on your journey to heaven…..did you really think you were going to be able to share this with the world….. we are the fat boys…..we do this all the time……Noone has been able to stick us in the eye just yet.

It appears that several bullet he’s later I have snuck u Der the doorway of life and death and I have the goods……are you paying attention?

The story will be told in its tawdry entirety…….let the Jews run, duck and hide. People in my family list their lives so they could shut this down. I am waging a war on israel as they have done on the world.

Today is one of those days…..


I woke up this morning surrounded by Jewish voices screaming at me. I don’t even know why they bother opening their mouths because when they do it seems to work against them. Jews like working a few sentences….I am told to go away…to die….to go to he’ll. We devour anything that does not make sense to us. It’s scary to hear them diagnose themselves with a mental cancer and then move forward in the same manner. But I have grown accustomed to their genocidal ways…like an invisible rabid pet dog.

In the world news today Iraq is having a bad afternoon…..there is a total breakdown of control amongst their leadership whatever it is. 16 years or so of war on that land and it does not progress forward. The voices uttered one reasonable comment that….humans need to be allowed to work out their own angst….the same is applicable to nations.

Then there is the time magazine cover above which I find highly offensive. I have no issue with creative license but this is a magazine that covers world news….if that was my face being altered I would sue. Time magazine like Newsweek is used in educational institutions….highschools…colleges…this is highly unacceptable.it appears that publications are allowing themselves to falter the same way the social order has. They once brought a logical sense of perspective but now they are part of the problem. But once you get past the art work the figures cited on the cover should tell you where we are headed. According to those figures the genocide in Syria has caused a sever lifestyle damage to 12 million people…..that is more people than reside in Israel, add this to what has gone on in Iraq….and the history of Palestine and israel will never recover from this debauchery. Yes let’s not forget about Iran.

Dinosaur Island…….

I think this morning I have realized another facet to the truth. Israel has never been able to survive living amidst others nor have they been able to tolerate neighbors. Contact for them means anger, hatred and eventual violence. They hold secrets they do not want exposed…..they have a machine they don’t want publicized.

They came to the Americas long ago and wiped out an entire nation, millions and millions….a story that will never be retrieved on earth. I now know that they have been eyeing the Americas from the begining…..this is technically on big Island that they could have kept from the reaches of the outside world. Even today based on comments by the Indians from india this is where they were convinced the future would lay.

According to India israel has been bringing them here to take over this nation. They were promised our homes, our cars, our furniture. They never said how they hoped to attain this status but the only way you can displace 360 million is through a deadly pandemic….and they had run two such tests 1914 and 1918. It appears that they promised north America to India and their intentions were to preserve Canada for themselves. If you look at the strange difference in ratios between the American and Canadian population you realize that they have no desire to sully Canada with migrants, Mexicans and filth. This also allows them to destroy all life bellow a certain longitude and latitude. In the end they would kill those they brought here to help them destroy this nation from the inside.

How to make money selling heaven….

Sometimes I ammendment my ideas as I hear the voices talk again and again and today is one of those days. Israel picked the lands of Palestine for a reason….it is true that in ancient times those lands had belonged to them by the Holy Land was speculated for very specific reasons.

The Holy Land holds valuable tourist worthy architecture…..the area is associated with events in the bible. What Noone knows is that the temple mount was once a very different sort of building….it took was the temple of jupiter…..Jupiter being the major diety of Romans and Greeks….a place they held in the highest esteem because they had come from Jupiter and where able to communicate with Jupiter using a very special machine.

The Jews and Romans were enemies and the epic tale of Masada was all about the Romans marching to Judea and taking back that machine. The machine resided in the time of jupiter….today it’s in the time mount if it has not been moved although there is reason to believe that it is in the United states.

Religion is something Jews help create and encourage. Religion is a source of revenue and social control. Jews invented taxes and collecting taxes from religious endeavors is highly profitable even today as it was in ancient times.

For modern day Jerusalem they had great plans. They used arc technology to enhance those feelings associated with God and religion for their visitors. India had a similar setup for centuries they too had become a place of pilgrimage, devotion and search for God. Both of these countries had a good run of fleecing humans. The machine was already known for being used to create other worldly atmospheric illusions…..people were watched, listened to, spied on, extorted, chased by invisible voices, exposed to visions and mental aberrations…..all the primers for the paranormal world.

Most of israel tourists come from the western world because that is the stronghold of Christianity. Israel hired India to set up shop in the United states and western countries for the sole purpose of enhancement if illusions related to God and religion. It never hurts to create a few ghosts and pretend to be a heavenly being to appease a grieving human……these are the things that catch on like fire. One ghostly apparition becomes a viral communication. They never imagined that this enterprise would one day be their undoing. That neither could stop at a few ghosts…..this has now become a crime wave all around the world, extortion, murder, vendetta, theft, the drug cartel, political control, fascism and their desire for the ultimate prize world domination by Jews.

The machine responsible for this nightmare is a peice if equipment to made on earth. This machine is a tool with deadly capabilities….a weapon of war as well as education. A weapon so valuable that it cannot be replaced at this time…..a weapon that has forged the history of Jews on earth and all the social upheaval, wars and pandemics that they have brought to its people.

I believe the machine was brought to the United States in 1914….I believe that Israel keeps the machine in the safest country which it can find that has a Jewish strong hold….there are three locations on earth with large numbers of jews….israel….south Africa and the United states….we are the safest and strongest on earth. In fact the real israel is the United states….this is the location from which they manage all their affairs….Jerusalem is a Walt Disney world of sorts….a symbolic jesters. The east coast of the United states is the helm of Jewish power in the modern world….Israel’s is the secular home if israel. Israel is a new acquisition since 1948….prior to that Russia was the location. The arc was moved to this country in 1914 and for whatever reason it caused a pandemic that killed 50,000,000. There was a pandemic in 1914 and one in 1918….1914 was the beginning of the 1st world war and 1918 the end of the war.

Israel……india….and Cleopatra…..

It appears that I am not officially the Oracle of Jupiter on earth. This morning India is whining…the project they embarked on with israel has gone bad and israel now realizes both their incompetence and their inability to control their mouth.

India however is beginning to realize that it’s project to drill a hole in the pockets of istael has gone equally bad. Two fools played mind games sizing each other up….India only wanted money…..indias real needed a larger country with capabilities to supply them with assistance…..and they also knew that they were willing to roll india u Der the bus when the time is right.

Once again of these two countries one stands a small chance of reshaping their countries agenda….the other has none. Unfortunately those who have aced India in this position are the worst type of living creatures…..how they intend to save India I have no clue. These are creatures who will sell their own mothers for a dollar. We have a case of abject poverty and abject malice.

Today israel is blaming India for their sloppy work. They want b to believe that the rising tide of Jewish hatred is brought about by indias actions. Had India not done these things Noone would have known about us. It appears as though two fools have finally made each other’s acquaintances. I guess white supremacist logic would say that if you are stupid enough to betray your people and your planet you should be prepared for what is about to come. But these two fools are finger pointers and blamers. Israel considers themselves the specialist of numbers…..they have been counting everyone else’s money for ages…..I guess they forgot that numbers work in other ways and accrue in other places.