Israel plan to turn religion into a financial denomination and slowly reconcile and push it away


A young girl comes to america and marries, has a child, divorces, finds love, loses lover trajically and one day finds herself in the middle of a bizarre scheme by israel worthy of a big screen nomination.

Israel finds her by way of a secret technical equipment hidden from view and knowledge for thousands of years. While this is unfolding the whole world is dissolving in various messes caused by poor management.

She realizes that she is a pawn as we’re her parent and a number of people who had led provides lives as valuable members of society, rulers, kings, queens and great minds. That while her world was crashing another was unfolding that was the real picture jessoed and painted on top of hiding the truth.

At the center of this point scheme was israel and their pet monkeys, indians, arabs and Mexicans and losers from all over promised the world and several lies when Israel was broke, bankrupt and disowned by everyone.

Israels lair is a theme park of dead deities in the holy land where mind control and oven baked bread set the scene amongst old rubble that Moses took a piss on. Israel sells tickets to this much hated theme park that has become a losing deal. You cannot own a jesus and mary Manger and not be pelted by rocks from palastine.

Apparently running sleazy theme parks, managing fraudulent financial institutions and protecting jewish intetest as an all or nothing settlement for humanity has not panned out eell, wink wink.

Creating alternative religions, mystical realms run by dirty monkeys and plans to find, torture, abuse and murder the real players of their so called urine smelling theme park were plans that got dashed on the wailing wall.

Mary Magdalene woke up by a kiss from prince charming right before israel killed him and she swore her never ending love to her beloved and vowed to kill and destroy the evil jews and their decaying empire.

She tried desperately to wake up her friends and classmates but they were still in an induced fog. But she has dealt with this repetitive story line well enough to know that the truth and love of country and family always win in the end and the ugly trolls gets banished from heaven.


Living on a piece of bread


Well not exactly a piece of bread but similar. Our source of life does not fall from the heavens to earth as a care package, we live right on top of it. If it helps to jolt your imagination imagine sitting in your favorite pasta dish, that is what we do on earth.

Imagine a reality show where you and several buddies are stranded on an island, a place you will never leave in this lifetime. You are given snd delivered to material for construction, tools and appliances with which to create your own new personal world, a world no outsider will ever encroach. Noone will ever subject you and your group to outside rules and regulations. You and your buddies got to pick and select and choose a life style of your choosing.

This island is so remote and beautiful that it takes your breath away. Everyone is beyond belief that this place is their private heaven, how can anything go wrong. The materials are delivered for construction but everyone is zoned out on the luxury of not having to be bothered. Suddenly months and years slip buy and everyone is suddenly awakening from this period of inner silence and the need to do something. Noone can live and feed on a long vacation there has to be plans, projects and homes to be built for the future.

The time they spent doing nothing took its toll on the deliveries which were damaged and destroyed through negligence. A group with a plan found itself divided angry into splinters and arguments broke out over who was to blame. This blame took away a few more years of their lives until the island became a place of nightmares that could not be escaped.

Those who were best able salvaged what they could and tried their best while others simply hung out in a semi permanent existence. A few more years went by and everyone was definitly older although not all were wiser, the rift had created wounds so deep amongst members that even on a small island people shunned each other to the point that several assaults had nearly killed members of the group.

The dream became the nightmare and storms and bad weather permanently eroded the island and it’s potential to yeild crops. Resources mean life and now the land that remained became a source of contention because it was located on one side of the island and belonged to several people who had no intetest in sharing it.

This resulted in a situation that caused death to several men who were the bread winners for their families and patriarchs of their domain. The few that remained now had to work twice as hard to feed mouths that were not theirs to keep the island alive. Four decades later the race to save the island and attempts to reunite the group failed and most if the members died in a brutal winter. The three that remained try to escape the island in a home made boat that capsized in shark filled waters.

This is just a story but the moral to the story is an island is no different than a planet because we are an island in the universe and our predicament is not much different. We arrived here because we set course here on an adventure sanctioned by our place of origin. We did not row here on a boat or a dingy.

We too had big dreams when we arrived here but set backs, disagreements, planetary weather, separation from home base all added their burdens. People stole things that belonged to others and used technical equipment in ways intended to harm othets. 500,000 years later the real story of how we got here is known by few but all are suffering the consequences.

Why are humans such a dangerous species

I think most people sense that as a race we are aggressive and dangerous. Depending on which racial group you view some are more readily aggressive than others. These are after all traits that we were given when we were created, they are apart of who we are and it’s no use denying what we sre.

You cannot remove anger, hatred and rage from within anyone but you can neutralize it and turn it in different directions by helping them understand what happens when they assert something without thinking.

During my divorce tears ago I took an anger management course voluntarily, all the other students were court assigned for various violent assaults. For the most part most of them looked like any other humsn you would run across during the course of your day until they opened their mouths and described their crimes.

The course was not just a lecture about court mandated behavior it allowed all the participants to share and discuss their crimes and emotions about all the things that drove them snd continued to drive them towards certain responses. I think turn abouts happen in different ways for different people and my light bulb went off one evening when we began to discuss how people feel after an outburst. The teacher turned to me and made a remark that stayed with me from that day onward. …that anger and rage take a greater toll on those who display such manners more so than the victims. The hatred and rage that you bottle up prior to an outburst eats right through you like acid, it digests the very organs of your body causing illness. Is it worth it? For me it was not.

So yes we have human attributes and most people have learned to use them properly but it is becoming less so each day as for told by the headlines. A poisonous creature does not sting itself but uses the venom on others. We too were given tools incase we needed to use them. As populations have spread we are now coming into contact with people from other cultures who’s understanding of violence and crime is different from us. As yourself if you live next door to an aggressive personality or racial profile and has that effected your life in any way. Has that individual said or done anything that makes you bristle every time you cross paths. Does the very thought of your neighbor anger you. Have you thought about selling your home and moving just because the interaction has turned your life into a field of hatred.

The lesson here is that hatred and violence can become a social disease. Certain groups that are hatred cause a visceral reaction just by their proximity.
So how does this change in the short run.

In our world patterns and behaviors can easily be assembled from data through various agencies. Through court processes even with our technology we can see where crime is, how it grows and effects everything in its path. We can see exactly who is responsible and what social groups and ages they come from but we fail to use this data for social change.

In recent months there have been several racial riots in the united states and everyone can feel that this nation will see similar events to what occured in the 1960s and 70s. Not only are we seeing the same groups gathering for a reprisal of past performances but we are aware that entirely new groups will be added to the agenda.

We are a waste basket, a waste basket is an end user, a society that is not proactive but lives on the residue and the outcasts and the fall out. In reality you cannot fix and patch fast enough to save a situation like this. I was having a conversation in the shower with israel that if you send a team of people with a camera to neighborhoods in northern virginia and take photographs of residences that have fallen into disrepair and become an eyesore. Pick the worst 1000 photos and search databases for the owners and you will find the before the decay hits the outside it grows on the inside.

Those homes will be owned by people who owe taxes, have defaulted on loans, have parking tickets, and have been in trouble with the law. Before their bushes died, painted chipped 9ff and roofing blew off they faced issues they could not solve and Noone cared to assist them, educate them or place them on a supervisory program to bring them to the point of freedom again. They were denied, declined and told up and sent away.

Running a country is not a superficial process and should be a program that runs 360 degrees in every direction so it can see what is approsching. Some idiot helped build a country based on retail and commerce when social programs and crime prevention are just as important and can not be subject to . layoffs. If you reduce government due to lack of finances then the whole process was incorrect to start with. The finances that run a government are seperate from those that are the extensions of society, we are not a superstore we are a nation.

We are facing so many problems from so many angles that nothing can stop what is coming unless aggressive action is taken to determine who and what is living on these lands and why. To save those who are rightfully here versus those who came here to bleed it dry and leave.

The sad part is that this nation was created by a parasitic organism that set up shop for profit and gain as its primary value and the recipe worked for a while never well enough or consistently enough to keep this nation from having constant set backs. Eventually america fell into disrepair and attracted the final catagories of bottom feeders who came from the most deprived nations in earth to see how many Italian tiles they could pry off of hotel bathroom walls to take home.

Unfortunately as bad as it is certain groups have used space age technology to subject humanity to its own fears during this time. They have subjected humanity to a large unwanted experiment of control and subjugation through broadcast signals so dangerous that millions have died each year. They have pushed and rubbed social groups together to create crime for profit and profit to pay more people to commit crimes. Our military forces became an unnecessary playground of death as half the world crumbled. If you want to know where to mail the thank you note for your current situation……mail to Israel.

Who were Adam and Eve

There are no real stories of Adam and Eve existing on earth that pertain to their original journey. Whatever was written is mire akin to a tale if morality put together in the era of Christianity well after the original event.

There are lots of statues, carvings, mosaics and other art forms that depict Adam and Eve but few contain the original two. So how do we know that these two were not just models for an artist playing a part. The truth can only be developed by facing those questions.

My original search for matching identities began with Henry Viii and Adam and Eve are only a recent search. When you consider that I have spent the better part of each day for 6 years basting in history and searching through art work that I now know like the back of my hand. Suddenly I realized that Gary Lanoue and Myself were the two most reach u ring faces in human history. Both of our families were ruling bloodlines and our mothers and father’s were kings and queens. Yet the remaining physical evidence is few and far between fir them as opposed to us. Again considering that I am a woman and man even to this, day have a more prominent feature I can be found in 29 lives as a force of power and education, holding positions only held by men during those times.

Gary too is prominent in every single lifetime as a king, a warlord, an inventor, a mathematician and philosopher. And in several large scale and massive displays of carved edifices of stone statuary we are shown side by side. So even though literature does not exist to tell the story because it was removed purposely from view the statues are still there as a remindet.

At some point in history there was a deliberate design to remive, destroy and alter human history and then rebuild the scenario as two naked , scared people in the garden of eden.

How to legislate compliance

Right now we are living at a time of conflict and that conflict has created it’s own meme. When you mislabel people and circumstances in order to prompt others to do the same it causes a mass histeria. Right now the words terrorist, ISIS, Muslim and arab cause a visceral reaction in people. Everyone thinks that by shunning an entire group they will avoid something that they fear or find potentially dangerous. We have a pandemic of ideology and political libel.

This pandemic is no different than a biological one because the end result becomes large scale violence against potentially innocent people. This pandemic did not cause utself but was carefully fanned and propagated by a small segment of society who specializes in all sorts of pandemics. They have done this for so long that they call wall into an elementary school and instigate one. Once you understand how this is done perhaps you stand a chance of stopping it.

Now we want to legislate a bandaid to shut people up. Well actually we don’t want to do a damn thing it’s like legislation for gay marriage certificates, we pass a law to make a segment of society happy, they go to get their certificates and are denied by the clerk. You cannot stop stupidity, fear and panic through legislation. You can make a certain type of behavior a crime, but the word crime has to carry a specific connotation. You cannot place microphones in every home and doorway to stop humans from thinking and reacting. Understanding is created through education and consideration.

When I was a teenager new to the united states enrolled in high school in Maryland the hostage taking crisis and revolution in Iran took place. Prior to these events Iran was simply a country and Iranians were it’s citizens. During and after this events Iranians were dirty dangerous American haters from a land of terrorists. As I sat in history class one day my teacher suggested a bomb be dropped on Iran to kill them all. I was his student, I don’t know if he had any clue who I was but I had a clue as to who he was. He was my teacher. He was a man hired to teach history based on a curriculum in an accredited educational system. His job was not to abuse us, pass judgment or air his own personal hatred by making that class room or school a dangerous place for his students, but he did. That was one if the first lessons I learned on American soil.

These events occured before propaganda had become a way of life in America and around the world. Within a few months there were outbursts on school property against Iranian children snd my life changed forever. I became ashamed of who I was and learned to lie about where I came from to protect myself. This shame was carried with me for decades until heaven said a few words to me.

When the war with Iraq began over a decade ago my son was a young boy in elementary school. Oliver came home from school one day and I took something out of his book bag enraged. He had been given a glossy fold out printed by time magazine…..a version given to educational systems as part of a package. On the front of this ft out were pictures if dead children allegedly killed by Sadam Hussein using nerve gas. I made a trip across the street to tell them what I thought of pitiless propaganda stuffed into the brains of small children in a place that is supposed to to the reverse. My son began to complain that children were calling ithers names such as arab snd terrorist based on what they were being taught. That his dark hair and eyes had now become something bad.

Well folks such is the reality of propagating fear without understanding it’s underlying values. The next time you want to understand what something means dial up the embassy of israel.

Abortion….prolife……frozen embryos. ….adoption


Humans are entitled to make choices and sometimes we learn things that help clarify how we make those choices and why we make those choices. Life seems so abstract, in one corner things are concrete and hard and fast, in the other they are available in whatever shade you desire. So what is the answer and how does it affect me.

I have never aborted a pregnancy and I always thought that the decision to end life should belong to the one facing that dilemma, who am I to tell another how to live their life and what to do with their body.

In a world filled with hungry mouths and bellies a life not wanted is better avoided then added to the masses. Why bring a child into the world that you see as a hindrance or a child who is suffering from some physical problem that will never allow them to be a whole humsn and be accepted by a fickle humsnity. Removing these elements made sense in building a better society but I think now I have revisited this situation.

When I began working on the books based on the events of the past 5 years you suddenly realize that digesting reincarnation means that you have to learn some new skills……rapidly.
…..that reincarnation requires that you learn to love and accept yourself because you will not be given a new container.
……that your family as in perfect as it may seem to you today is all you have, had and will recieve. Learning to make peace with those members is crucial to your future.
……..that your children who may reflect your shortcomings and possess features that you would have exchanged are also yours to have snd to keep forever more no refunds or exchanges possible.

Tracking heavens dates or the arrival of the bus transfer system to cart you from here to there indicates that your miserable life on earth of somewhere around 72 years if a jew or an Indian does not interfere will be added to about another 200 years of whining and complaining in another locality called heaven.

In 29 lives I have had two husband’s, one that I adored and one that has filled in during the absence of the other. Other intetesting aspects of reincarnation…..
……..since we repeat as repetitive occurrences so do all humans like them.or not.
……..we do not mate randomly in each lifetime but find those choices made long ago.
…… is difficult at best and your ideal mate could perish before you have a chance to find them or not live long enough to produce offspring. The creator apparently had a contingency plan and those are alternate choices that we also made long ago for one reason or another.
………the most amazing finding that tells us that science does not yet know that there is more to conception than egg meets sperm are the following facts.

We have always believed that producing a baby is a very specific act, that requires two people contributing genetic material but it is not so. History tell us that our children never go away and even if their original father dies early in a given lifetime they can come through by mating with the alternate.

That make sperm may nit be the determination alone but somehow the existence if that child is scribed into the mothers DNA so in an event if such a situation the code can be transcribed as needed.

I read an article a few tears back that may be related to this issue. The article pointed out that as many as 10 percent of children brought into this world do not belong to the paternal side indicated. I assumed at the time that this reflected our moral decay and lack of commitment to marriage and increase in divorces and affairs. At some point science will correct these misconceptions.

Then we have the problem of large scale deaths caused by pandemics that might wipe out several generations on earth and kill the next in line. There is proof that many have attempted to do just this hoping that an entire race might be erased but it has not happened. The creator created a complex manner of hiding human genetics in such ways that given a traumatic blow to a bloodline that in time it can be recinstituted.

The next time you decide to kill another or remive a race to suit yourself it could be that your gene pool was shifted and placed on their genetic code so you do not return. The possibilities can be altered and shifted as required to ensure that life returns and propionate and is not lost to someone else due to hatred.

We are a society of throw away people who simply prefer not to fix a damn thing. We simply purchase and discard and the habit is also reflected in our lack of desire to respect the very life that grows within us. We abort babies as if they are bits if fluff, other countries kill children in the millions to get rid of females.

The next time there is a pregnancy please consider that this child was carried by you before. Consider that by killing it you are removing a vital part of your human family. The creator built in complexity to preserve human life and we keep on shrugging and dumping living things into the trash without a thought.

Building a better human


Many religions suggest that our life as a human may be an extention of a much larger canvas. That we have been other types of creatures at one time or another before reaching this phase.

We know that reincarnation or living many extended lifetimes is part if the program of creating a human that can adapt. That repetition builds understanding at a level where it works itself into the fabric of what you are.

We know how a human can rebuilt snd reconstituted on a molecular and atomic level because flesh and blood are written into codes, programs and algorithms and even we at our level here on earth have learned how to grow organs and clone animals.

Consiousness is that key factor that is under lock and key a recipe not to be shared. How is each living creature stamped with its identity at the very start. A human is a very complex life form and I am pretty sure that you don’t just wake up here the very first time as a blank slate hoping that the parent company is going to provide all the necessities. If that were so based on life and what is happening here within our social order there would be human like creatures crawling around growling due to lack of nature and nurture.

I am a dog lover and my dog is family and millions and billions feel the same way that we are capable of building permanent bonds with animals. And given the number of pets in this world and that every corner strip mall contains a pet store and your local grocery store has a giant isle devoted to your family pet, uts safe to assume that these bonds might be something substantial.

Should we be surprised that a beloved dog or cat or bird is a starter kit human getting a foothold as a living creature and experiencing it’s sensations. In fact it makes sense to move consiousness up a predictable ladder until it comes into contact with another loving human and is accepted into its family.

Not everyone is an animal lover and I have learned that when creating a bond between a human and a human it’s best to choose an animal lover because they are the containers of positive traits required to be a successful humsn, maintain relationships, raise children and show kindness to the elderly.

Everyone of my friends is an animal crusader. Cruelty to animals amongst educated classes is an unacceptable act. We refuse to eat the types of animals that we domesticated and bring into our homes. It is true that dogs and cats and horses are animals and in many places they are items on a menu. Technically it’s hard to rationalize why a cow can be eaten and a dog not. But we as caucasions have developed traits and dispositions and it’s hard to kill and place something in your refrigerator when another identical one is looking at you.

In Asia dogs are food and in other places so are reptiles and insects but this planet is so deeply caught in its own well of human short comings that we have yet to understand these other relationships that are equally important.

How would you treat your dog if you knew that this furry creature would one day be handed back to your family as a child. Will your treatment today on some level create a neurosis for this future human. We have yet to get to this point of understanding but if all things are connected then your dinner tonight was also learning about life and someone you know may have once been your dinner.

I know that I have come close to wrecking my car several times over squirrels crossing the road. They stop mid way and stare at me and try to figure out which car to avoid. So that little peanut eating critter is assimilating to life , starting it’s journey with a lesson on how not to cross the road.

A love and respect for other life forms is a respect for your own species. You too were once someone’s lunch and they may have forgotten to eat what was on their ate and thrown you in the trash.