A conclusion

Late last night I believe I may have st down one of Indias servers. Today the voices have been predominantly jewish. I have been very busy all day and suddenly I realized that the jews are talking to me trying to bring up the servers if a side they have pretended they have no connection with.

For the past few years I have been inwardly convinced that HARP has a similar machine. I don’t know if all the machines are identical and have the same tools but I am convinced that there is a third party quietly watching.

My reasons are several fold. Many decades ago before being married on a sunny summer day I went for a walk with wayne in Washington. As we approached a large marble building I was suddenly sent a non verbal signal to not approach any further and so we did not. At the time my current situation was light years away but I knew that I was being told to stay away from the building. It may have been a test to see how many people have an arc technology background or they may have known who I was.

When I bought the box 5 years ago I recieved a similar warning by being told that israel and india were using weapons of mass destruction in the United states. Why would anyone jupiter or not send out such a politically challenging message that could only be understood by someone with the appropriate background. So now I know that those who sent the message knew who I was, gad tapped into my head and knew that in time the story would build upon itself.

Now the last question in my mind is why would haarp not address this openly. Why is israel not formally chastised and pushed away and the answers make sense. All of those who have machines prefer these things to be a complete secret weapon of war. They know that the public paranoia will go against them. And they already know how jews have killed billions with pandemics. In other words we are all here we hate each other we are all Americans but there is a secret war and eventually jews will be irradicated.

The Hang Man


As I have become the victim of India for crimes I have not comitted i have decided to brush up on my rudimentary palate of colors. For the past few days I have picked random videos to watch because when something is playing the voices are fairly quiet.

However as educated as I think I am it’s been an educational nightmare to look at india through other eyes that validate this notion that whatever is happening in that land will one day lead to war.

This even I nags short film by an Indian f I r an Indian audience came from youtube. A day in the life of a hangman in India. One elderly man and his smelly greasy grandson work for india as hangmen. When they are not putting ropes around necks they live in a shanty town where their services are requested when the need arises. In a one room shack painted lipstick pink lives the hangman. His walls are decorated with picture frames of his conquests. He gas been approached by an untalented film maker to document an upcoming hanging.

The entire film is in a sweaty room as dozens of people ask the hangman about his protocol on the day the government requests his services. Keep in mind that with all the crime and over population in india hangings by the state are a very rare thing. This man and his family have been in business for several generations.

We listen as he explains the procedure in a few short sentences. The hanging itself is really a minor event compared to this asshole rituals before and after. He sits on his bed fir several days, he chants, he orays, he lectures the camera crew, he wipes the sweat off his brow, he awaits the phonecall from the state, he loses sleep, he gets angry and after watching these insects interact with each other the ending of the eventful day for which he practices with sandbags never arrives. A few short words on a screen tell us that on the I’ll fated day the hangman fainted I n the scaffold and was rushed to the hospital.

This miserable long day in the life of india sicker up my brain like a black hole. These are not humans but termites.

Plague 1349

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1340 – 1410 HASDAI BEN JUDAH CRESCAS (Spain)

Rabbi, rationalist philosopher, poet, and statesman. Crescas was a student of Nissim Ben Reuben (RaN) Gerondi (c. 1310–1376) . His, Or Adonai(Light of the Lord) was part of a major work he wanted to write ( Ner Elohim) as a reaction to Maimonides, but he only succeeded in writing the first part. ‎He also wrote Bittul Ikkarei ha-Notzerim(Refutation of the Christian Principles) as part of his efforts to fight against Christian pressure to convert. In 1390 he was appointed as the judge of all the Jews of the Kingdom of Aragon. During the anti-Jewish riots of 1391 he tried his best to protect the Jewish community, unfortunately his only son was murdered in Barcelona during the riots.

1343 April 19, WACHENHEIM (Germany)

A pre-Easter massacre that soon spread to surrounding communities.

1348 – 1349 THE BLACK PLAGUE (Europe)

One third of Europe’s population died from the Black Death (Bubonic plague). Though many Jews were among the dead, they were accused by local church leaders and tortured to confess that they had poisoned the wells (Chillon) in order to kill Christians. During the next few years – despite the protests of Pope Clement VI – over 60 large and 150 small Jewish communities were destroyed as a direct result of these accusations. These included untold atrocities in cities such as Basel, Cologne, Strasbourg, Worms, Zurich and others. The plague, which originated in China, was spread for the most part by rats which came aboard ships from Asia to European ports. It is estimated that 25 million people perished within three years.


Black Plague massacres began in Barcelona and Cervera.


Bern, Chillon, Zurich. In the Castle of Chillon on Lake Geneva, Jews under torture admitted to being given poison to place in wells around Venice.

1348 September 26, POPE CLEMENT VI

Issued a Bull contradicting the libel against the Jews. In it he stated that the Jews were suffering just like the rest of Europe. Other rulers issued similar denunciations, but to little effect.

1348 November 22, RIOTS REACHED BAVARIA AND SWABIA (Germany)

Jews in eighty towns including Augsberg, Munich and Wurzburg were attacked.

1349 January, – August, ATROCITIES (Germany)

Spread from city to city up the Rhine; cities included Strasbourg, Worms and Cologne.

1349 January 16, BASEL (Switzerland)

The guilds brought up charges against the Jews accusing them of poisoning the wells. Despite an attempted defense by the town council, 600 Jews together with the rabbi were burned to death. One hundred and forty children were taken from their parents and forcible baptized. The victims were left unburied, the cemetery destroyed and the synagogue turned into a church. The remaining Jews were expelled and not readmitted until 1869.

1349 January 22, SPEYER (Germany) 

The Jewish community was destroyed. The Jewish inhabitants were either killed, converted or fled to Heidelberg. All their property – including the Jewish cemetery – was confiscated.

1349 February 14, ST. VALENTINES DAY (Strasbourg)

Earlier that month, a riot ensued in the town after corn prices fell. The Jews were accused of a conspiracy. The mayor and some members of the city council had voted against the action and were removed from office by the tradesmen. The entire Jewish population (2000) was dragged to the cemetery and burned to death. Only those who accepted Christianity were allowed to live. The new council voted that Jews could not return for 100 years and their property and possessions were divided amongst the burghers. Within six months Emperor Charles IV pardoned the town council for the murders. Twenty years later, Jews were re-admitted.

1349 February 22, ZURICH (Switzerland)

Although the town council initally tried to protect the Jews of the town, they were forced to give in to the mob, resulting in the murder of many of the Jewish inhabitants.

1349 March 1, (10 Adar I 5109) WORMS (GERMANY)

Riots broke out in the town. Many Jews fled to Heidelberg, others in desperation set fire to their homes or were murdered. An estimated 420 people died that day. Their property was seized by the town.

1349 March 21, ERFURT (Germany)

After a mob marched into the Jewish quarter carrying a flag with a cross, the Jews tried to defend themselves. Over a hundred Jews were killed and much of the ghetto burned.

1349 August 23, COLOGNE (Germany)

As the riots began, many of the residents took shelter in the synagogue. When it was attacked as well, the Jews inside set fire to it rather then be taken by the mob outside. Most of those who had not taken refuge in the synagogue were also murdered. Their property was confiscated by the Church, with the municipality and the Count of Juelich each fighting over their share.

1349 August 24, MAYENCE AND BRESLAU (Germany)

After a mob marched into the Jewish quarter of Mayence carrying a flag with a cross, three hundred young Jews tried to defend themselves. Although as many as 200 of the attackers were killed, they soon overcame the defenders. Rather then be converted, the Jews set their houses on fire. 6,000 Jews died and another 4,000 died in Breslau.

1349 September 29, ALBERT II (Austria) 

After an attack on the Jews at Krems, he forcibly ended the riots. Austria was thus one of the few places of relative security in Europe.

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Observing a world

It’s hard to observe your world from an angle far enough to gain wisdom. No matter where you turn you are caught in a causeway unless you hold in your hand a vital truth. In this case the truth is the hole that occupies the human heart.

Unfortunately a flies eye view of the world does not add to the allure of humans. It’s impossible to go back to a scene you just left.

Terrorist a person without power

Bullshit continues this morning with our greasy indian voices. Someday the FBI will nite that they were contacted for assistance and failed to respond. That billions and trillions were spent on securing the borders and people of the United states while indians slithered into this country from every corner and laughed at us.

I have spent five years piecing together the largest crime ever c omitted on this planet on my owns as Jews….namely the Beilderberger Group listen to every word and fail to report it. Just so the FBI understands the trainer for ISIS is Najibolah Khazal.

This man travels around to avoid detection mainly in areas of the United states where his greasy looks fit in with the population. You will find him on twitter using his real name and photo. He seems to trail an activist from Iran who’s name is Maryam Rajavi. Maryam is worried about women who become victims of abuse by having acid thrown in their faces, little does she know that the man responsible for some of these evens follows her on twitter.

Myself and my child recieve death threats from this man daily and I have not been able to get a single bit of help even though I was granted political asylum in this country and my rights are being curtailed.

He is complaining this morning that he needs to help people create causes so he can than hitch his blind horse to them and parade around. I was suppose to help build the new religion of heaven on earth and become it’s new guru so this duchess could make a dime and help india rise to power.

It’s amazing how you can own the billion dollar machine and not be able to use it in some manner to gain a hold of something good and productive in this world. How stupid and sleazy do you need to be to do business the way that you do.

When you know that you are not crazy

On occasionally the voices talk about topics off the beaten path and today we gad an interesting few minutes. I don’t know how true these comments are I sm simply passing them on.

The topic was about exploding shrapnel something I know nothing about in this life so far. They commented how living by a lake can save your life in a bombing, that exploding shrapnel goes outward in every direction once the bomb hits the ground. The shrapnel is not going to be picky it will kill and harm everything in its oath as far as the eye can see. They suggested jumping into deep water when planes passed over and staying under until you were sure that ut was gone and danger had subsided. That coming up to breath is dangerous because that simple act alone can kill you it pieces come in your direction and that more than likely is your heading reaching above water.

That waters properties slow down a speeding piece of metal that it skims the surface of the water and dies not sink or hit objects below the surface until it sinks. That they even spoke about pythons, cobras and snakes in lakes and how they generally don’t attack and bite in the water as much as they do on land. That if snakes swim around you keeping still will avoid aggressive behavior.

A society of drag and drop persuasions

As I lay in bed this morning israel seems to make a comment about our current situation that fir some strange reason all the people on this planet have become victims of a drag and drop society that wants to sell them a useless membership to some club that offers dubious services called religion and politics. Literally the situation 8 so bad that even those who understand this syndrome find it a daily battle to remive someone’s hand from their wallet and air supply.

Even groups that promise buddist and new age ideals seem to transform into a snake in short order. First it’s just rubbing shoulders, you are embraced by something you don’t understand and you embrace them and then at some point your face is in the newspaper as a supplier of money to a terrorist organization. Then you try and explain to people it all started one day while you were in your yard planting flowers. Literally there is a deep dark plan that has consumed the world.

The voices made a comment that reality is in the Gere and now good or bad as it may be. All of your problems finsncial, emotional can be answered by yourself with a little elbow grease. Drag and drop always comes with a quick fix promise and a price tag and Everytime you try and escape they come back and try and make you feel more special.

The real issue of course are questions regarding life and death and that is the main stay of a drag and drop society that tries to solve your problems with a big black leather bound book of some type, filled with riddles and open ended statements and a god that requires your undying faith. But none have and none ever will deliver an answer and those who may have an idea know that there is no plan to share what they know unless it has financial dividends.

Either there is life after death or there is not. Either history has preserved in a drawer or on a shelf something that we have overlooked.

Even political groups and terrorist groups use the religion lubricant to grease their recruits. I saw a clip two days ago of an ISIS recruit in Syria who was crying sitting in a tank, a handsome teenager who was told to drive the vehicle to a destination and detonate it killing himself. He did not want to die but his cohorts were holding their finger skyward reminding him of Allah. A life lost, a vehicle damaged and nothing gained.