Extremist behavior

Every once in a while everyone is prone to an out burst. We look at the news and we simply shake our heads at people committing crimes of such magnitude that our minds simply dismiss them as lunatics. We live in a world that appears orderly on the surface and most of us do not understand arming ourselves and attacking innocent people in places where people gather and work.

So how does an extremist form when they are not a product of upbringing. I am such an example, an ordinary human that became a victim of a hidden crime Noone wanted to investigate, admit to, take interest in or process. The more evidence I gathered I found myself still facing the concrete wall of denial. Everywhere I looked

victims like myself popped up yet society did not move a single inch further towards addressing the problem. Extremism is formed when hope is banished and you find yourself fighting a singular war as real as any fought in the battle field all alone.

For a while you look around you to see if these events circulate only around yourself or if they occupy a larger space that is growing. At some point you consider your options to remove yourself from life or continue fighting if you feel that this cause is worthy and that you stand a chance at making a difference. You look at yourself from the outside as you once were and suddenly realize that those who are untouched or do not understand the issue will never be able to process the information or even help you, not even enough to sit and listen so you can pour your heart out. That is when you realize how lonely and dangerous life can be.

Those who are strong enough to withstand become extremists and they know that they are fighting an incursion and that on these lands Noone will understand but it is our duty to stand up and so we will.

The voices stated that someday when these events have ended I will read my own words and try to read sorbet the emotions to decide if what I lived through was really as horrifying as my initial understanding. I find this to be a laughable comment. The notes are certainly here to reaffirm my experience but there gas been too much list including lives for me to ever wake up and pretend that it’s just another day.


Biggest medical fund

The screaming continues and information is added.i simply listen and take notes. It is obvious that lots of people from perhaps several third world countries are on some type of payroll by israel. Money and payments are mentioned everyday in some nanner. They have said millions of times in five years that they were promised something that they did not get paid. Lately that payroll fund has been discussed and is of a growing interest. This fund seems to have an unusual nature in how transactions are handled. The fund itself has been set up with some type of permanence where by it cannot be canceled, refunded or recinded. I could never grasp why that was but today more is being said that this fund may be the largest bank fund in the world and that it might be toed to an insurance scam. That this fund is blue cross and blue shield the largest insurance carrier in the world. That israel pays it’s people through this fund by setting up illiterate fools as doctors so they get paid in a manner that can be hidden from scrutiny from a bank fund that Noone would guess is being used for murder payoffs.

Blind people can be racist



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Blind people can be racist, too, study says

By Carina Storrs, Special to CNN

Updated 9:20 PM ET, Sun August 30, 2015

Living with blindness 04:45

Story highlightsResearch has found that blind people, just like sighted people, judge others based on raceResearcher: “In all cases it takes them longer to categorize people by race”

(CNN)A person may not have to “see color” to be racist. Some blind people, just like sighted people, make judgments about others based on their race, according to a new study.

The findings come from interviews conducted in person and over the phone with 25 people who were either born blind or severely visually impaired, or who lost their sight as children or adults. A researcher asked the participants, most of whom lived in the northeast United States, about whether they thought about race and also how it affected their feelings about a person.

The study found that blind people can still have racial stereotypes, but “in all cases it takes them longer to categorize people by race and there is more ambiguity,” said Asia M. Friedman, an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice at University of Delaware, who conducted the study.

The study was presented Tuesday at the American Sociological Association annual meeting, but has not been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Friedman found that five of the nine respondents who were blind since birth or early childhood reported that they did not think at all about a person’s appearance. And according to some respondents, the inability to know a person’s race kept them from making snap judgments about them, which is a “good thing,” Friedman said. One person she interviewed explained that being blind makes it harder to “judge someone visually right off the top of your head.”

However, the study participants said even as they don’t think about physical attributes, they put people into racial categories based on nonvisual cues, such as voices and names. Those mental calculations sometimes led them to make predictions about a person’s lifestyle, behavior and socioeconomic class. As one respondent put it, being blind does not mean that they were “absolved from being a racist.”

“I think blind people are inculturated into ideas about class and race,” just like anybody else, Friedman said, and the ideas can come from a whole range of places, including news, family, teachers and peer groups.

Research on how blind people understand racism could lead to better insights into how blind people make judgments about other aspects of life that usually involve visual cues, such as eating a meal or shopping for clothes. Respondents in Friedman’s study described being very aware of sounds and voices when they meet people, and sounds could influence how blind people choose a restaurant or clothing store, Friedman said, along with sensory inputs such as textures and smells.

This research can also inform us about the depth of racism in the United States, another expert said.

“Blind people understand race the same way as sighted people,” said Osagie K. Obasogie, a professor of law at University of California Hastings College of Law who has researched how blind people think about race, but was not involved in Friedman’s study.

Just like sighted people, blind people can conflate the concept of human variation — differences in skin color and facial features — with the qualities of a person, Obasogie said.

Unlike Friedman’s study, however, Obasogie’s research, which was published in the book “Blinded By Sight,” suggests that people who were born blind do, in fact, think about a person’s physical appearance, including skin color and facial features. They also make quick judgments based on the physical attributes they perceive people to have, he said.

“I would push back against the idea that blind people somehow enter every social interaction with a blank slate,” he said.

Some of the more than 100 blind people Obasogie spoke with said they might ask others to tell them about a person’s race before meeting. And even if they don’t know a person’s race beforehand, they might try to figure it out during the interaction, rather than keeping an open mind.

“If race is such a strong and deep part of our social order that blind people who have never seen anything can see and pay attention to race … it shows how deep the problem is,” he said.

Obasogie thinks these studies suggest that so-called “colorblind” policies, such as government programs that do not use racial data in deciding how to divvy up funds, are misguided in their approach.

“Race is a disease of society and the idea that the disease will go away by ignoring it is not the most sophisticated and proper way to deal with the problem,” he said.

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Of God’s and men

Here is another topic that we have beaten to death. Why is it that the lowest grade creatures believe that they require a Devine being. Why does something with dirty toenails expect another to beam in through the clouds on a chariot of some type. We have entered yet another human cycle where men beat their chests demanding justice from the gods. Today ISIS damaged yet another temple in palyrma. As they say before a human destroys another it takes its hatred out on objects. It’s sort of a fake war where your enemies are only present in spirit. You can throw some rocks at a building and then drive home and celebrate your victory.

Apparently the real gods were not good enough so my suggestion is that they go back to their dirty factory s nd find a dirty toenail to design a god for them. Place that God in a box and ship it to your people. Don’t forget the pull string on its back so your god can tell you what you want to hear. And I bet that a good portion of the people will dial up with some complaint and it will lead to a mob at the factory doors wanting their money back. So I doubt that you will be able to construct the perfect god. But I suggest you try that method and tell us about it.

People who cannot be pleased deep inside and seek their own answers will never be happy with an answer given to them.

Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth

Most people are more concerned about their net worth than they are about their personal worth. All we are taught is how to be consumed with consumerism. There is a little ditch into which everyone falls early in life and that is easy money and ownership of materials. I am no different than any one else and I too have been there. The feeling is, euphoric and you simply go about buying things as if there is an invisible box in your head that needs to be filled. And when this box is filled you are supposed to be happy, but this box magically grows overnight so every morning you can peer over the edge and find that you still need more stuff.

This is an exercise in futility that eventually leads to depression because Noone can understand why they are driven to these behaviors and why at some point your sense if understanding changes and that important box with its valuable contents becomes nothing more than junk which occupies space both physically and mentally.

When you watch rich people you realize that they are no different. That having large sums if money does not exempt them from going through the same syndrome and self destructing.

As israel sees it the spell is broken for a variety of reasons and it cannot be reinstated again. People over extend themselves financially and when they have access to other people’s money they facilitate themselves accordingly.

So what happened to self worth. Self worth is taught from birth and if your parents did not sign up for the program then it might become very difficult to download it for yourself later in life. Self worth is like an invisible shield and it protects society from become diseased inside and out. It’s no different than an inoculation, it protects, against illness and the condescending thoughts of others.

People with self worth make plans for the future. They understand their roles as employees. They are educated consumers. They don’t call in sick everyday. They require little medical assistance during their lifetime. They are not a burden on society. It’s a sense of value that you leave behind after you are gone so your children can flourish without you.

America is the proverbial fatso. This has become a country where people subscribe to short term obcessions, clothes, food, diet, housing, transportation, none of which full fill the required needs. And we cycle these obsessions until they run dry and invent new ones to replace the old ones.

And when you look at human history you can see the trail so the question is why. The why is simple we are missing some vital answers about who we are and why we are here. We are only able to substantiate one end if our life cycle and the other has been removed.