More from our baboons in india this morning. I love how things turn against them every day. This morning our little jewish friends have suffered a minor heart attack discovering that many of them call Maryland home. They suddenly discovered the significance of the name, that I am mary and I arrived in the United states to reside in Maryland And Became A Victim If Their arc. On both sides if the water in america and in Jerusalem they are standing on my lands.

To law enforcement

My name is Nena Razmara. I live at 4227 devonwoodway in woodbridge va 22192. I have lived here for 28 years since 1988. I am divorced from Wayne Compton since 2002. Both of my parents are deceased father 2002, mother 2010. I was born in Tehran Iran in October 23 1963 and came to the United states in august of 1979 after a revolution in iran. I hold a permanent green card and asylum in this country. I have one adult son Oliver Wallace Razmarap Compton 23 years of age who lives with me.

I am the victim of a complex crime, a crime not understood and not addressed by humanity. This crime has gone on this planet since we came here. I am not going to tell you a long story. The real story is captured in almost 1000 blogs on this website as a diary that you may or may not comprehend but that one day soon the world will understand in horror.

I led a pretty ordinary life until June 20 2010 when someone I lived died suddenly….Gary Alan Lanoue of Chesapeake Virginia. I was very distressed and like many people I decided to seek every avenue possible in understand death and what it means to our earthly existence.

I joined a Facebook page moderated by paranormalist and met many in the scientific community who investigate such things. I purchased a special radio intended for listening and recording to electronic voice phenomena.

The next year I was drawn into bizarre things that few understand. I became emotionally I’ll and I began to be chased by the very vouces that I had recorded. Whatever it was attempted to kill me in my home and for five years I death with numerous indian and jewish voices that screamed obscenities at me and aimed frequencies at my body.

I began to scour the Internet and the medical field and paranormal field for answers. I came to realize that what we call paranormal has nothing to do with ghosts or spirits but that several nations on this planet own machinery, weapons that humanity may not understand readily but that are very real indeed. Israel and india own and operate these weapons intended to control humans through brain wave frequency and mass genocide.

Israel did not expect me to live through the hell on earth that they placed me in and made many crucial mistakes by telling me things and laughing at me. I suddenly realized that I was sitting on top of the biggest crime wave of known humanity and that I hold a secret that they have kept hidden for thousands of years….the immortality of mankind. They revealed to me who I had been in past lives and that they viewed me and my family and others as a danger to israel.

This is what I am going to leave you with. They have come to my door, emailed me and tampered with all my digital accounts. They have threatened to kill me and my son. Please read the blogs, do not alter or change them. In several lifetimes I have attempted to tell humanity the truth as I am doing now. I a real does not want this truth revealed because it will destroy their hold on humanity. Two people are involved in my death if you are reading this.

An Indian man who lives at 2195 Jennings street in woodbridge.

A Jewish msn who drove a blue BMW …license plate 212H….which I am told has been chsnged.

Those involved with this crime are linked to the deaths of both Kennedys. They are responsible for the deaths of both of the phlavi children the former shah of iran. They are responsible for the death of Gary Alan Lanoue and much more.

Someday humans will realize that schizophrenia and voice hearing and cancer are linked to machines that kill and destroy using frequency. That you can corner an individual in their home and literally drive them insane and kill them with noise and voices aimed only at their brain wave frequency which is as unique as your finger print.

I want you to know that in the five years I have been a victim I have sought help from local police, FBI, CIA, NSA and DVD to no avail and not a single response.

I need to make sure that my son is safe. I own a town house down the street 12423 Manchester way. I own 2 toyotas. And I hold a one million dollar insurance policy in the pocket of a black binder on my desk.


When the truth validates itself

Today has been an interesting day to say the least. Several days last week we’re filled with noise beyond toleration. Yesterday I retaliated and spoke through the indian man and it seems to have caused issues with him and his box. This afternoon I have recieved rude and intolerable threats and obscenities from both the jews and the indian and really they are one denomination posing as two, but who cares.

Back to the remaining validations that seemed to have simply validated themselves, I don’t like forcing things into a space. Things either make sense or they don’t and my mind requires the truth. The other side flipped out yesterday over the issue of offspring in heaven because they only have a single long lifespan as opposed to a grueling two part lifespan. Understanding that we were granted ressurection not because it was standard procedure but because we chose to expand the human empire elsewhere and that which was ruined, and destroyed was given back to us.

The chore of heaven have a lifespan as long as our combined life span but they fulfill a two part necessity. Those who arrive in heaven from earth have to face a great process of readjusting to a new way of life. Their children have always been the chikdren of jupiter and our residual life span on jupiter is more enhanced and peaceful because of their cumulative life experiences that don’t involve the pain that we gave undertaken. They become a litmus test if their own by retaining the flavor of jupiter.

I found an article today under archeology that is of great interest and duplicates a possible link to heaven or jupiter. This comes from the Asian historical side in that a hexagonal burial chamber of great size and stature has been discovered and this burial chamber has 17 side chambres. If the hexagon represents the arrival area of jupiter then the seventeen which a peculiar number represents the moons of jupiter. So yet in another culture we find geometry referring to something from an adjacent culture showing that at least two of the five racial profiles on earth may have had a joint history on jupiter.


Yesterday was a disaster and it may well be a disaster I cannot hurddle. It’s almost impossible to think when noise is pointed at you and I write because it is the only way to problem solve.

Yesterday I had to deal with lots of personal issues cause by tampering with my accounts which placed me in my own zone of thought, which helps put things in persoective. At some point I conversed with the voices and suddenly the topic of children being born in heaven arose. We have spent several years looking at what heaven represents and where it might be and how it might function. I was the one who wanted to fingers Gary and heaven and it is paramount that I look at the truth and the truth is none negotisble, it cannot be tailored to my liking it has to fit within the system of logic and make sense.

Everything that we have talked about and surmised is a likely possibility within the realm of science and supposition. Burth, death, even ressurection. Cycles of comings and goings that I hold in my hand of my own family. So now we face a challenge that I may not overcome and that is are children conceived and born in heaven and if so what is their life cycle within the comings and goings.

Our life cycle here on earth assuming that ressurection exists means that we have two parts to our life one on earth and one in heaven. Obviously life here has its own serious issues to handle and it’s safe to assume that heaven is no different. Where humans live and breath you will find conflict that requires solutions. As strange as it may be to arrive in heaven naked and without your wallet, it is a place where we have family and history and we can assimilate as required. The idea of a two part human life span makes sense both theoretically and emotionally from many perspectives.

Heavens existence was not just a random proposal on my part to help heal my wounds and set my fears away. There are many things that have occured during my human life span that point in its direction as it does for the rest of the human population. Heaven seems to have existed as long as humans gave had hopes and dreams. Now back to the missing piece.

Heaven as I understand it is a place where we are flesh and blood and enjoy lives that are longer but filled with the same attributes that we enjoy today. Procreation is a human necessity and sex is also part of all human lives. I cannot imagine a life in heaven without children being there as they are here.

The children born in heaven although clearly possible would not have an advantage of a dual existence however tawdry. They would not have the possibility of ressurection following death as a vital learning experience. This is the point that has thrown everyone out of the loop in the past several hours. Does this overule the existence of heaven? Can heaven have aspects that we don’t understand and cleave to. Does this new clincher suggest that perhaps we are born in heaven as we are here and that physical birth is the understood program and that would also simplify what happens to animals and early deaths of chore and stillborn. Heaven as I understand it is a mathematical nightmare of sorts but with a reason that is equally worthy.

It is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only is reincarnation real but that we follow a line of thinking, a purpose and a dream that is our passion from lifetime to lifetime.

In the name of progress

Today and yesterday I made comments, about the exodus on facebook. Literally digital media has gone bad in its totality. How long can you mesmerize people before the lack of content becomes an issue.
….our Internet was created to track human mivements to see what interested them so they could program the box rather than content that
educated and created a medium that draws people in.
….androids gave created a vacuum fir human interaction and a way to avoid others by staring downward at every opportunity. The only good point to having a communication post at your fingertips is parenting and traveling.
…..medical advances I laugh at since the biggest trend is the rising mental health concerns all over the world. 99 percent of those are related to box usage as is cancer so where are the advances. Jews kill us with the arc and then they sell us is uranus coverage for health care reasons and then they subject us to chemo therapy which raises other questions. What we really have is a very carefully laid out program of genocide happening at a hospital near you.

I realize that there are some generalities in here but medical professionals are trained and what they are taught is not the truth. Yes it is correct that not all doctors are jews but all doctors are indoctrinated as are lawyers. Those who fail to buy into this system practice alternate health care.

Technology was supposed to give is ease of access and it did not it actually limited our abilities to contact others and fond needed help and resources.
Technology was supposed to increase information at our fingertips and help the world educate itself but in reality it became an adult forum or shopping trip.

Technology was supposed to aide in privacy and allow us to share information with those that we want excluding others and it has become the reverse by drawing eyes to our private lives without invitation and for the purpose of profit.

Technology was supposed to help keep countries secure when it has opened a loop hole for terrorism. The terrorists no longer need to come here to scope out what they are looking for, they can sit at home and chat with Americans from their bedrooms in a shanty town.

I am sitting in my home and I am a victim of terrorism by voices and those voices use the phone, send emails and use social media and they laugh at us while highly paid anti terrorist law enforcement ignores our pleas. This is transformation by technology.

Instead of my being able to keep a watchful eye on my child a fat hew and an illiterate indian do it against my will.

I could have possibly moved to a less advanced country and led a safer life. It is possible that people who live in Africa don’t get the full treatment because their lives are not wedded to technology. They might keep their money under a mattress, live off of a dirt riad, not own a cell phone and therefore voices and conversation are the only backlash. Here we are located by GPS, tracked to our homes, our accounts tampered with and nothing left untouched. Our electricity endangers our lives while they live under Karo see lamps, I guess sometimes poverty has an advantage.

June 28th 2015

The epic journey continues. Yesterday the voices and sounds were so active that I could barely function and I was severely depressed. I found that more people that I know have left facebook and that everyone in my social circle is falling appart. Marianne edlemann who is the voice of calmness left several comments on facebook that horrified me. I woke up this morning after being inserted into a streamed dream that came from an episode of the kardashians. I was sitting at a table with Bruce, Kris and some assistant as they discussed their unraveling lives. I was trying to reassure them that understanding things getting out of control is the first part of learning how to bring them under a firm hold. I saw a segment where Bruce went on some job interview and tripped on an electrical cord on a black granite stage. He went off at some man and walked away upset that he was not going to be manipulated on the job, he needed to feel that he could be himself rather than a scripted role. Just bizarre.

This morning they want to give me handouts by telling me about gary and his personal problems, drug abuse, suicidal tendencies and inability to handle the voices.

I have gotten the forbidden info such as details of how he looked in the morgue, what was said by the morgue attendants and things that were done to his body. The morgue issue is a huge ussue, not only are people hunted down in life but they are desecrated in death so india and Israel can get their thrills. I hope the world explodes and hangs them on hooks.

This morning I have been spammed from every angle as if I care, as if it’s going to work. It only gives us a clue as to how and what these people do and one day these phone records will shock the world.

I am sitting in my living room drinking lemonade listening to the indian man’s screams in the distant. He is screaming….I need to talk. I found her and I gave her things, and she found more things. This was supposed to be my book not hers. I need to talk to people until they die.

Then I got snippets about how jews manipulate the medical system to feed on human fears. They invent all sorts of procedures to make people feel as though they are increasing their life span and removing things from their internal organs that are bad, dirty, filthy, toxins.
…..plastic surgery
…..vitamin drips
…..colon cleanse
… youth treatments made if pigeon shit are just a few. God only knows how man kind got through thousands of years without them. All of this and it’s only 12noon.

Today he has lost his mind. He is calling all of his nigger on the street with prepaid phone to call me and send me messages. The Beauty Is That All These Niggers have done it before and it’s captured on my android. So he uses young black men who sound white…probably the same people who buy drugs from him. One guy was a black man who sent his photo weeks ago. When people feel the need to send their body shots for a simple massage you know what they are.

Today has been yet another epic day in this house. How do you tell law enforcement that you are a voice hearer and that the voices have managed to send you 12 emails today Snr tamper with both of your email accounts so nothing could be sent to you. Who would believe that millions live their lives this way every day knowing that somehow they have to clear the obstacles on their own without explanations. In a world where no customer support returns phone calls and everything has to be done by email it is a nightmare. The only place that I can require answers is at the bank and even then I cannot discuss who or what is doing this.