Self realization

We are in the world but we constantly look at it as if we arevstrangers. We analyze the motives of others and view world events in an attempt to figure out what it’s all about. Mostly it’s about observing yet occasionally the landscape changes and it’s all about us.

Through mirrors, windows, shiny objects and the eyes of others we piece together our strange world. I have been lucky that some of my past trips to this dump have been preserved and looking at what has been said, done and left behind I am relieved that I am the same person with the same views only at a different time. That the world was not any different then from what it is today, only by a few pieces if hardware here and there. But what lacked then is missing niw, those who distressed society then are doing it again.

Looking for concrete answers is something we all do but few succeed. Unfortunately most people are caught in the words and not the way. The age old arguments have not changed in the three thousand years of recorded history. Territories have expanded, contracted, been sbsirbed, rulers good bad and unjust have come and gone. People are still upset about the lack of food, shelter and promises undilivered. The only new thing that has come up in this trip is the validation that some of the people have secretly wanted to remove entire groups and depot late the world so they could occupy it themselves. What appeared like a mass struggle to figure things iut, create creature comforts and establish governments has been an outing of that which lurked in the background and hid it’s agenda. Now that we know who and what they are we can deal with the situation.

It’s strange in that the cockroaches seem to require my eyes to see their world. Sometimes my remarks send them into a tail spin and I say to myself these idiots planned to rule the world but failed to pack a lunch for the trip. And they forgot their bus money and they didn’t write their address down and couldn’t figure out how to get back home.

Every day the rodents turn on their word machine and send a messenger to collect Nena words so they can figure out why their cheese has so many holes.

My view if the world is c rather simple. Each day I wake up and look for the sunshine. I checkout the news to see how this big rotating ball of shit is doing today. I check the view out of my windows to see the condition of my neighborhood. I realize that I was placed here to live my life, but part of life is serving others in some way. How can we be complete and happy if we cannot bring happiness to others. I ask myself is there anyone out there that gives a damn about my life, and I realize that as bad as that answer is I am still ahead of millions of others who lose their battle each day with the answers life gives them.

Then I realize that someday I will have the ultimate persoective. IN This Lifetime I Will Stand On Jupiter And Look Back At These Events And Analyze Them once sgain To See If Anything changes. When I saw my fathers picture I remember thinking how can he look so calm, relaxed and poised knowing that his wife and child were elsewhere. Now I understand that those who leave this dump in spite of leaving their loved ones behind cannot help but embrace the reality of living a real life, where they can stand like humans.

We all want to share our joy and understanding. The preference is always peace and love. However there is that moment when you reach the concrete embankment that is actually a living creature that calls itself a human. And you realize that intelligence is the moment that having used all of your abilities you are forced to admit that the best decision is walking away, and removing this thing rather than trying to help it fit into the universe.

Each lifetime has an outcome. Each century has an ending as do other spans of time. The best outcome is the ability to participate and help create the desired outcome of your choice rather than simply look back and say wow is that what happened. With or without our cognitive participation the outcome will occur, in an intelligent world the outcome is never a surprise or a negative one.


Why you cannot give the truth away for free

Finding the truth is pure euphoria. It Is THE Ultimate trip. The realization that the creator made a play ground just for you.

There is an innate desire to want to share this finding on every level with every human. You want to give it and share the joy of them validating and healing. There is the birth and death of idealism in that very moment.

Truth is like a revolving door that hits you in the head and throws you out on a wet pavement. Even when ego is not present you find people running away in every durection, locking their doors and shuttering their windows.

Suddenly you realize the real meaning of the truth. It cannot be given like a shiny object. It has no value but to the person who saught it, wanted ut, needed and saw it’s importance. Even if there is one truth the journey must be made. The destination is the truth and it cannot be located without a long drive.

In the final analysis

Tonight is the night the report cards go out. Earth gets Fs across the board. Everything that took place here other than t b e actuality if the events themselves was a failure.

Racial melding did not occur. A brew of c I nsa tent humans desiring a life, a place and a future did not happen. Other than for brief moments when catastrophe brought groups together the racial profiles of this planet 500,000 years after introduction are still strangers to one another living amongst each other.

You cannot create what originally did not exist. I wanted to believe that humans were more similar than d u s similar and I was incorrect. A certain brainwave setting on one species may never allow but a glimpse at another at a safe distance.

The experiment for diversity failed even amongst the tolerant groups. People are drawn to their own kind due to biology, understabding, familiarity and safety, which are so carefully wired that cannot be usurped.

In this case not only did diversity ruffle feathers but it resulted in mass genocide over and over again. No words and no amount I f education or in sent ice to allow the situation to stabilize itself was posdible with certain groups and now with a vast population we are looking at an explosive situation that will I nay grow worst with time and require more milirary intervension.

Practicing murder

From the moment that I realized that something was terribly wrong the numbers and the crimes have grown each day and everyday. This is the largest genocidal act in this solar system that has linked heaven and earth in a tardy manner.

Literally these acts gave taken thousands of years of practice of learning how to pick, lure , terrorize and force strangers into criminal acts. To date the greatest logistics victory was 911 even though it missed it’s mark by one plane. It took years of practice if hijacking planes, demanding ransom to deciding that the method did not work well when they could be identified. Getting two planes to hit two buildings took a tremendous amount of effort and a direct connection between israel and india. India handled the technologies and Israel the logistics. In the end both parties git what they wanted….india proved that it could be done and Israel pocje t ed the money because they owned the trade centers.

Years of practice were put into killing in various modes using unrelated humans.
……using high schools as playgrounds of terror.

……using movie theaters as locations of death.

……using public spectacles as a place of blood letting.

…..using plane crasges, train derailment and sudden mechanical failures.

……tampering with servers

……moving bank funds

……using the paranirmal world as yet another resource to vent about their crimes and kill the listeners who they confess to.

…..using the arc of the covenant to bring jobs to india, to snoop on secrets public and cimmercial, to kill heads of state and anyone who dares cinfr I not them.

……to hold the secrets of life and death from humanity.

……to locate, track and hunt down individuals who have been important to the hust I run of humanity and who protect and guide this planet.

……to spam people at work and at home for tracking purposes

……to cause cancer and mental diseases.

From every corner and from every angle and pers poo Ectaco this machine has been used to bend people and situations to the advantage of the users in a macabre way. The longer they have had the exclusivity if this machine the more twisted their methodology has become in attaining control if humanity in any way and form they please. Humans have been devalued until they are no more than bullets in a Chambre. And then suddenly the silence is broken when they realize that earth might be their shit hole but heaven is not.

The only amazing part to this 500 year forensic detail is the sheer surprise of a killer who could not forsee his own ending.

June 29 2015

Today is bright beautiful sunny day and we are now in the 21st day of ignoring the voices. I did some shoppung, signed up for an international calling plan and spoke to helen in Greece for an hour.

I was stunned to find out that she too is marked by the arc technology and suffers from ringing if the ear so severe that she is aware of it talking on the phone. I told her about my situation of hearing the dial tone for a decade. Lying in bed at night and instead of silence there was this other noise. Just like listening to the voices abusing me the ear noises had a similar feel, there were days that I was absorbed by my work and barely noticed it and days that I was consumed by it and a few times that I could not imagine living the rest of my life hearing a dial tone.

I tried to describe the basics to helen although I find it hard to have a deep conversation without eye contact. I am the eye contact person. I am going to let her read the posting to see what she makes if all this.

Tonight I got stung by some wasps in my front yard. They bit both my hands and I am in pain. To add to the pain the indian butch keeps talking but it’s always nice to have a few additional sentences for my book.

These idiots really had their hearts sets on creating a new heaven on earth. First they would gently apprehend a few paranormalist through the box into selling the public on electronic voice phenomena. Psychics have been around for centuries but they wanted a whole fleet of John Edwards. …he was their creation. Then boxes would become a standard in every home like a microwave no pun intended. Then all those greasy douchebag in india who work for Verizon would be hired as techs. Humans would then pay a subscription fee to have a cess to their grandmother through the box….a monthly fee of 49.95 with their own personal tech support. Then some idiot would set up emails and you could write to grandma but expect a big delay and a firm letter back. Don’t be surprised if grandma sounds and writes more like a serial killer than the sweet person you remrmbered. A few months into this deal 20/20 will do an expose on the shanty town the emails are coming from. Your grandmother turned out to be train whore sex worker in india with 45 children and she is legally blind. This was the heaven that israel and India wanted to sell the world.

By the way israel the new pope you picked is a moron . You I Got He Has IN formed THE World That There Is No Hell OR An Adam OR An eve. Better call him quick you stupid jew.

I just got my biggest hit and best piece of info ever from another box user I had not spoken too for a long time. Before the Boston bombing occured at the b I ston marathon he had been warned I very the box four months ahead of time. Now we have a connection to another bix user and a precious planned act of terrorism on American soil. Martin danja bravo. The Boston bomber was a teenage boy who heard voices. He and his brother planned the bombing. He was just found guilty and sentenced to death this week.

I know that I don’t stand a chance calling the fbi…..there are many articles online about the mental condition of the young man who planned the bombing, if they don’t believe him then they won’t believe me. But this will be featured in the book so the public can understand that I was lucky to survive I am certain that many die and many are pushed to commit violent acts.

June 28 2015

Vacillating weather outside sunny, cloudy and probably more downpours tonight. Today has been an epic day and I am furious at just about everyone on this stupid planet. The FBI hung up on me and the NSA a left with a terse nessage. There are many ways to field in queries from the public that do not waste field time and actually serve the nation.

Currently you are allowed one small paragraph on a contact sheet that is not enough to even break down the background of a situation let alone describe it in a way that makes sense.

Everyone makes assumptions that at this point in human history there is nothing new to learn and those people who control various departments do not require assistance from anyone else. We are headed towards a communist state shortly. It appears that the only lessons to be learned are done the hard way and never through being proactive. The public has never recieved an answer about 911 and we marched forward.

In spite of india and Israels betrayal of this planet the winners are always with human attributes. The collision will happen shortly but then we can be rid of them once and for all. Perhaps this is what we need a warhead from india so the world can annihilate them. No amount of education is going to save this planet. The only people who will consider the book as the truth are those who already feel that this world is on a collision course with stupidity.

Today’s front page headline once again is a rocket failure by nasa. This is the third such failure in less than six months, 2 for nasa and one for virgin atlantic. Nasa appears baffled and I was shocked to read those words in print. The name of this rocket was dragon, and this is an abbreviation for satan…..I am sure the black cockroaches are singing and dancing today.

Knowing the insect minds of the cockroaches this situation will continue to escalate by them testing the public perception by mounting a growing scale of accidents. I don’t see a nuke launch shortly but a see plane accidents, train accidents, rocket failures until the public panics. These are not normal humans and will not seek vengeance as most humans do by a simple act. These are filthy game players that want to toy with the public for as long as they can. Public fear is a way of connecting clouds…..they want mass fear.

June 27 2015

Major torrential downpours. I was streamed with strange dreams I’ll using bad behavior by Gary lanoue. It’s a continuation of bullshit as if anyone cares. The voices sound frantic today but being lunatics it’s gard to tell when it’s genuine and when it’s not. I have lost all interest in their garbage. It’s beyond understanding that a country of chirping cockroaches has decided to invade the world with a military program written by walt Disney and a cheap jasmine costume. Our military trains and wears uniforms and theirs carries a dildo.

I just got a sever case of pins and needles in my left foot. I decided to not react and wait and see if it would go away on its own. After about five minutes it stopped hurting and disappeared. I discovered a few years ago that this was part of the programming everytime you remove your feet off the ground for a certain amount of time. It’s obvious that this reaction has nothing to do with the normal activities of the human body. Before it left my foot my whole body convulsed several times.