Schizophrenia and it’s diagnosis

Schizophrenia is a very frustrating disease as opposed to others. If you suffer from a lump or a bruise it is subject to a biopsy, a blood test and something that is not related to your personality.

Psychiatry itself has a Jewish background. The foundation of Psychiatry is that there are personality disorders that find themselves rooted in phases of growing from a child to an adults. There are phases related to dealing with trauma, anger, denial and acceptance. There is a laying if the human persinality, the ego versus the identity. There is a manual of how humans can influence and win over others by emulating them. Now in modern times with have death bed experiences, out of body exoeriences and near death experiences and last but not least paranormal experiences.

I don’t know about other voice hearers and I will not speak for them even though I have spoken to them . There are clear bottom line denominations in the world of voice hearing.

Before I became a victim of violence and abuse I spoke to a man who sounded intelligent and caring. This communication lasted for several weeks before there was a sudden change. At the time and for several years this significance meant nothing, however that man is a jew who is a doctor and is involved in assessing the victims and prescribing their manner of death by mental torture.

This doctor takes an overview of the individuals life based upon the cinversatiin, the observation, the assertion, their strengths, their weaknesses and puts together an ongoing program of abuse and mental games, choices, temptations, destruction of their life and property, finances, marriage until they are destroyed on earth.

The program is improved and updated human by human to create what they felt was a foolproof system that eventually no human could defy or understand. This equation would then replace bombs and bullets and knives to create a method of genocide that they felt was fingerprint free and foolproof.

By the time a human makes it to a doctor office they have been dazed and confused, gone through many cycles of trauma and made an effort all on their own to sort through what is taking place. Some may walk into an office and others may be carried in under court order.

Now let’s look at this from the perspective of the victim. We cannot account for every human who has come under the gun but there are general perameters. Voice hearers are but a small minority amongst the larger population at risk who is ex biting symptoms of arc technology but not hearing voices. Voice hearers are the extreme catagory.

The victim always has a look to them of someone who is emotionally unkempt and unstable and Noone quite understands why that is but the victim themselves. The panel that has abused the victim has subjected them to a unique brand of torture that is about to be unveiled.

The doctor is going to ask the patient what they understand about their particular situation and what has brought them in contact with a medical facility. Can they describe their ordeal with clarity. Now keep in mind that a doctor is a rather egotistical human that has spent many years studying and has had to pass a board of medical examinations. You are in that office to be diagnosed by him and doctors also have very delineated office hours and procedures depending on your medical coverage.

As you can see I have written 4000 pages about my ordeal and the doctor wants you to describe what ails you in under 60 minutes or come back once a week for the rest of your life.

When i found myself in the emergency room in shackles and I was sedated and acted off to a mental institution for three days to wind down I never once recueved a single session with a doctor of any kind while under court order. After my release I had to attend weekly meetings at the county building and because they deemed me as being ckean, ved and employed I was released on my second visit. The person who saw me at the county building was what you can call an occupational therapist, she held no medical certification on a higher level other than some basic training of meeting people and observing them. I basically pulled myself through her fingers and wrenched myself free bypassing what should have been a set standard observation period. But since the county works for a nominal fee or next to nothing as far as the patient is concerned they don’t care. They have so much on their plate everyday of the year that unless you are yielding an axe, are of danger to yourself or others you are sent home.

The premise of Psychiatry is that are neurosis or mental issues stem directly from our upbringing. That human u bringing consists if several phases that have to be achieved and surpassed. And that while doing this every human has a relationship with their mother and father with sexual undertones that help form their future. That when we become mature adults and move into the bigger world we carry these understandings and even look for parallels between our parents and our future spouses and mates.

So when the disheveled patient is sitting in front 8 the doctor with 60 minutes to being shown the door they will be asked about the voices.
….what do you hear.
….how long have you been hearing them.
….what do they say to you.
….why do you think you are hearing what you are hearing.
… there something that you have done in life that has created a guilt syndrome that you need to address.
…..did you have a good relationship with your mother and father.

When I began seeking and speaking to voice hearers I was so frustrated that Noone wanted to discuss the reality, even though I was one of them. Being a voice hearer is bearing a personal cross and that is a real parallel because jesus and Mary were both victims of this crime.

The victim is fearful of becoming condemned. They know that they live in a world where their words carry significant weight. For those like myself who were sent under court order your discussion with a health professional can lead to other situations.

If the patient shares the real words….such as you are a dog killer as I have been called…..the officials under the law are obligated to investigate. I can explain my situation but unless you have lived it you will never fully understand it. The medical system is like a fast food operation, that rolls them in, throws in a piece of lettuce a squirting of ketchup and rolls them along.

Those patients that exhibut symptoms of great anxiety and danger may see some good come out if it in that they are under such mental duress and psychosis that detention might be of temporary help. Those like myself re enter life to try and resolve their own issues before they find themselves as a ward of the system.

A mother that kills a new born or a very young child is said to be suffering from postpartum even when she says that she heard voices telling her to kill her child. When I became pregnant I read lots of books on pregnancy before and after to help prepare myself. I found that child deaths were explained as a taboo that defies explanation but that for some reason a small percentage of women suffer from hormonal abnormalities compounded by perhaps lack of family support that may yield such instances.

Mass killings such as columbine and others that were a warm up to the main event involved young hormonal teenagers that were out of control and opposing parental guidance. Most of these were not hearing voices like myself they were given alternate treatments to help exfoliate their anger and rage towards their peers and society in general.

Terrorist groups fall in the latest grouping…from people killing their own children, people killing strangers, people killing opposing factions. This way one human is always held responsible for killing another so the existence if the arc itself can be maintained. Using the arc to kill would mean another 50,000,000 dead such as 1914. This would depleted society, raise concerns, potentially unveil the arc and dismantle the wheels of commerce which is the last thing the jews want.

The end result is that despite their own beliefs and what they knew about heaven and it’s existence, several groups of people hunted down humans by facial recognition and other means to remove them from leadership in society, to remove them as members of a given race, to remove them because of prior disagreements in the political arena.

The jews not only derived perverted satisfaction from these murders and tortures, they needed to extract information about heaven and even on a scarier level constantly test humanities ability to sense their hidden agenda.

The reality is that any human has the ability to sit down with a piece of paper, using their mind and public information and find an answer to a very come question. When it came to the question of heaven and it’s existence, this was called creating a theoretical thesis and then trying to validate and substantiate it piece by piece so that it all fits together as one theory or objective. Reality stands the test of time, even when extracted from a esoteric theory.

May 31 2015

Migraine headache and a general sense of not feeling well. The voices are screaming, they now want to add yesterday’s meeting to our daily agenda of bullshit. Streamed dreams.

Once again I need to do some research on Easter island. I am positive that the statues of Easter island are not of the natives as we understand but of jews that occupied that area long ago. Neither the faces nor the head gear represent anything of an Asian mixture. The h at are so distinct that only one group wears anything like it. The history of Easter island itself is rather strange and bizarre. Something happened there of an extreme nature that destroyed life and created unusual behavior that might be called severe psychosis. Once again this is something that I profiled long ago as a child and everyrhing that I profile is associated with these events.

Suddenly an article popped up on Facebook today on the crisis of Easter island that led to its demise. It described a e utopian type of stone age society that exited for centuries until it associated with some other type of non indexing us society. It mentioned two waring clans one of whom was referee to as the bird men. This may mean something or nothing but birdman may once again be the use of talking birds of the arc technology.

So it is possible that Hebrew tribes came to the Americas from easter island and settled in south america where the arc technology may have caused the death of the mayans as it did the Easter islanders.

Comments were made by the indian man that before jews came to this planet their machines had the ability to communicate with jupiter, Saturn or heaven. That they were the land of choice for pilgrimage for those seeking the truth.

Once the Jews took over their frequency was taken and Israel became the land of choice. In ancient egyptian times people worshiped a plethora of God’s as they still do in india. Today the format is changed and that new format is contained by isreal.

Whether they are working together to control mankind or against each other in rivalry I am still trying to determine. The arc indicated that on American soil they conspired to throw over the government.

I have managed to get up and there is a realization that 2 days ago I decided to use the couch in the living room after avoiding it for almost a year, and today I am very sick.

May 30 2015

Today has a lot on its agenda and so MN e have been attained. I was supposed to meet my neighbor for an hour and we went to the library but it was closed for construction until june. We sat outside in a covered Pavillion by the Chinn center. It was a bizarre meeting that is hard to assert a in at this moment until I get more feedback from him later.

He sat there wearing dark sunglasses and I could not see his eyes at all which I did not like. Communication is, about eye contact and he is a squirrel guy. His body language however cued me in to someone who was extremely alarmed he was bervous, agitated, time concious and not into what he was being given but resisting it like a concrete block. He never stopped me nor did he ask any questions where there should have been plenty of opportunity. He is a square peg who finds comfort in a square hole.

I gave him the over view and explained that the entire story contains a lot of data. I told him I would give him an envelope incase anything happened to me and that is when all the bells went off. He declined the envelope and withdrew. Altogether it was a mind numbing experience meeting with a human who lives next to you yet lives in an adjacent world of his own. I am not a stranger to him, I am a mither, a woman and a human but you would have never known. That is how
The world is pulled apart when people who live on one square block in one neighborhood cannot communicate or reach out to each other. And as far as the victims of mind control and voice hearing this was a great look at what our lives look like from the inside.

It will be interesting to see how his behavior unfolds in the coming weeks ahead. Will he run from me. Will he approach the topic and ask questions. Will he play dead and just do his usual. It truly is a strange view into the inside world of humans. Some of us crave information and others run from it. He is a worker ant to the extreme, someone who requires a hall pass to complete a task.

Poor eyesight, glasses, contacts and voice hearing

I have mentioned before that frequency is dangerous to the human body. Our planet has its own setting such as air oresdure, temoerature, sound and light control. Frequency can modulate or alter these settings. Frequency can utilize these settings for its own use. Frequency affects cellular material and by changing or creating pressure on the body you are also creating pressure on cells and their membranes. This can result in poor eyesight, sinus oroblems, allergies, stress, insomnia, and even death. This is the short list.

Those who hear voice can usually pinpoint a location that the voices are coming from. In my case the voices like to locate themselves directly behind me when I am awake. Normal humans either communicate by phone or talk in such a manner that they face each other. When you place the voices behind someone you are relocating nit only it’s normal location in personal face to face location but you are causing great discomfort by affecting parts of the human brain that are not normally used for sensing sound.

The frontal lobe of the brain is where the optical nerve is located. The peristaltic lobes on either side face your ears. These brain locations work in tandem because gearing and eyesight work together in healthy humans.

If someone stood behind you to talk your eyes want to shift in that location but they cannot. This causes poor eyesight and permanent damage. It also causes ADHD the inability to concentrate. The normal brain functions have been altered and shifted and the victim who spent most of their lives on one setting has to develop a whole new way of in taking of stimulus. This may be one of the primary reasons for psychosis.

My eyesight that allowed me to read fine print with great comfort for hours at a time suddenly became so poor that even with glasses I could barely see to brush my hair, read the time on my cellphone, see anything but a colored shadow on the shelves of stores, read road signs. My life changed almost over night. I was terrified that I might go blind at an early age. As my psychosis has improved and lifted my eyesight has also regained some of its prior glory but it will never be the same.

The look of things also changed in other ways. A room that had depth and certain sensations became infused with a strange sparkling grainyness. Everything shimmered and any object that I focused on seemed to lack solidity. Even when I went for a walk outside I began to step in a strange way as if checking to make sure the ground was there. I felt that I was walking on two plains at once, the earthly and heavenly.

These changes altered my life style, my self esteem, leaving the house to go outside because I felt that I could not see well enough to enjoy my world. I found that cooking became a horrible chore. I could not read labels even with glasses, cuttibg, chopping and dicing became a problem. Believe it or not when I was done cooking and I sat down to eat I was unable to see my food which affected my ability to taste it and enjoy it.

I have had numerous small car accidents. I would drive without being able to see what I needed to see for safe vehicle operation. My hearing was so I’m pared in those early months that my headed tilted to one direction. When I sat in my car I could not hear the outside world. The sound of rain, a summer breeze, real birds none of those were in my world for almost five years.

Physical injuries, broken bones, weight gain, constant stomach problems. Anger, rage , isolation in a strange world as everyone else walked by. I can’t think of any part of my life that did not undergo a transformation for the worst. Suddenly I realized that Noone could help me or would help me. That I was home alone in a new way. I had to either end my life or decide to change the world by providing the answers.

Dangerous animals, bad people and popukation control

Somewhere in previous posts I had written about the association of certain types of racial groups their thought patterns and living creatures that surround them and the temperatures they are drawn to. Tonight in an exchange of insults a certain reference was made that poor,  illiterate people who over populate and have no care and consideration for each other or anyone else are surrounded by poise no us and dangerous creatures that remove tgem from this world.  Imagine what the population of india would be without tigers, cobras, mambas, tatrantulas, vultures, and an assortment of other dangerous beauties. Just a few indians eaten per year can exponentially reduce the population crunch.