Modulation and religion

Describing brainwave technology and the experience of the victims to the general public is like describing colors that cannot be seen. The key word that would describe what this technology can achieve is modulation. Modulation is the anti thesis of reality. Reality is quanta tate in many respects even though there are slight fluctuations depending on your angle of view and your predisposition. But there are things that all humans can agree on, things that we all require and things that facilitate movement in our world so our mind set can be positive and our lives benefiting to ourselves and others.

Modulation is something fluid that can be shaped and changed as required. It is a mindset that resembles a chameleon, it’s colors changing according to its needs regardless of the damage done to others.

Religion is a creation of the box technology that attracts a certain individual with a predisposition and then gently wraps them in cellophane so the truth is obscured. Religion tells the seeker that they are to be initiated, doused, annointed. Understanding religious text is left to those who are trained to read and describe the meaning. You have the teacher the student and the request of money. Religion and the word esoteric go hand in hand. Esoteric is an unclear understanding that cannot be validated but 8 used and applied to gather people.

Open your bible to any page you want and begin to read. What does that passage say to you. Is that passage written with such clarity that a hundred people would reach the same conclusion. Does it require hundreds of pages to state the obvious. …that we are born, we live, we procreate and experience things in our lifetime, some of which are pleasing, come of which are not and some that help us grow in a direction that we are led in. Eventually we die because our bodies cannot endure the passage of time and the wear and tear inflicted. To offset this bodies demise we are given another that is the same body but in good maintenance. To achieve this a passage is required from location to location. The truth my friend can be described in every facet and in every way so that an educated person can read and understand without the need for bullshit, singing songs and the collection of money.

Our lives are filled with various types of modulated understandings that extend from this philosophy that you can bend something and vend the person subscribing to it. Modulation involving money, sex, happiness, our own bodies. Everyone on this planet between birth and death will leave the straight line of reality and step on a shortcut, a belief system that provides temporary satisfaction that goes awry. Suddenly the belief system takes on a life of its own and either you step off or you become a victim.

An example of modulation in this day and age is body image. The standards of body image have va cilantro throughout the centuries from rubanesque to pencil thin. In reality your body image is dictated by your genetics and your comfort zone. If looking good requires living on lettuce and nothing else and being angry of being denied the ability to eat then that is a modulation that you accept because you fear rejection in your original form. It’s bending to societies description that beauty means thin.

This is a sad reality that one human should fear to be themselves because their partner or friend is also afraid of accepting someone that society does not deem acceptable. So it’s not just about our interaction with modulated thought patterns but we can also become victims caught in the crossfire if another humans acceptable perceptions. It’s not just what your mirror says to you but how another human sees themselves in their mirror.

The interesting thing about these overlays that are attached to humans is that they all lead to the bank. Selling these ideas is a profitable endeavor. And each idea loses steam after a while and those who tried them and failed litter the human highway. That idea is then abandoned for another off shoot for yet another adventure in shackle humanity.

Not all people choose to live in the same manner. Some like to fit in the acceptable mainstream and others formulate lives of their own choosing shunning the acceptable norms. Mainstream is an interesting word because using mind control programming is referee to as streaming. Streaming is the sending of information so it can be grasped by a group or a population. Those who run the program want everyone under their hold, knowing that a percentage manage to get away. Those who fall under their control are called mainstream. This stream has many overlays which make clarity and understanding almost impossible. Almost every living organism or human is tuning in to this feed in some manner.

Right now a popular cause is gaya rights. It’s almost a badge of honor to post material on social websites declaring and siding with gayrights. When you sit back and look at this movements, causes, charities and how they spring up and suddenly associate themselves with hip up and coming people you realize that even unpopular and unwanted causes can be packaged and sold to the population at large. Gay rights is for gaya people. If you are not gaya it would be impossible to understand that struggle. However we are made to feel responsible for things that are not our issues and we are coerced to fund these causes to assert our own popularity or ego. This is not a comment against Gay rights but simply a comment on how humans are forced to do things they don’t want, need or understand.

Our entire society is gently being pushed into being an overtly sex u al society that even scares those of us who considered ourselves being liberals at heart. Trends , fashion choices and social changes all have their mode and methodology however in thirty years our world has been reaped to become unrecognizable. Even my young 23 year old son looks back at his own behavior in the past few years and doesn’t understand it. It’s as if something was forced upon us that is slowly being rejected. Even Hollywood has taken a blow and list money because it’s celebrities became whores, transvestites and drug addicts and the appeal to western culture was lost. Role models don’t exist.

Someday the kardashian family will become a case study, how a large, tight knit family was pulled onto national tv and sex u al iced beyond recognition. Someday they will wake up in horror and look at themselves and wonder what happened. At some point fame and money have to be associated to some sort of achievement beyond sex tapes, lip fillers and body enhancements. Even Bruce jenner s sex change is being met with opposition in the media. Dies everything that a human does require media coverage. We are facination with sex changes yet we are not interested in understanding why they happen and the damage they do to the entire family involved. How does a child who once had a father and a role model deal with a woman in heals. How do you cope with your father being gone forever. Does Bruce jenner need to show us his lingerie? Is that required. Does television a sex change actually benefit others going through a similar situation or does it create an expectation. Does Hollywood really give a damn or are we just enjoying a temporary trend of watching freaks.

Strange trends are interesting to watch. One of the latest illogical trends is the adoption of pit bulls nationwide. The more people get bitten the more claims are made that the mauling is related to bad owners abusing pets and then even more pit bulls are adopted. The jaw of this animal should tell you all you need to know about its hunting and feeding habits before it became a house hold pet. But the program overlays the logic and encourages the adoption of an animal with a track record for shark like frenzy. It does not nip just once it attacks and goes into a frenzy killing.


American airlines

Very troubling article on CNN this morning about iPad issues on board American Airlines. That flights had to be aborted because of this issue. It appears that airlines are now using digital equiptment to enhance their pilots abilities and they were guided to use a brand that India has learned to attach to. That navigation plans are placed on the iPad and the failure of the application meant that safety for all aboard a plane is being jeprodized. I would make phone calls but I already know the response.

The Indians made a comment the other day that someday soon they are going to shut access to everything electronic down in the usa causing anarchy. Their response to everything is that we will do things because we are able to do so. Access to a procedure means that the gods gave us permission. They view this in some archaic point of view that those allowed or given abilities should use them in any manner that they wish. There is no sense of moral obligation or social obligation.

Today I have received another summons from the HOA….I have to attend a mandatory meeting on may 13th. The weather is beautiful but business is the slowest it has ever been. Morning business is non existent and late evening business has been gone for several years. Most of the people I knew no longer advertise because they have no money. April was a tax month and I gave no clue if may will be any better. I will be meeting with the tenant in a few days, the option will be a rent increase or I will sell the home. I don’t want to sell, I want oliver to have his own place but I cannot sink into debt. Right now I hold the fort and he has no clue what is happening in this house.

My overall health has improved and I have not mingled brain waves with the monkey in about two weeks. His situation continues to declines and his vile Ness continues to escalate. I cannot validate the exact truth but it is possible that my voice was set as some type of access and they are being denied. Otherwise it’s the same bullshit day in and day out. By now I am a pro at every move that he makes. When he makes a decision and it is set as a parameter to allow access, I pick up on his move and it automatically cancels his move as the machine picks up on his lie. Certain moves that fail result in a permanent denial over time and can never be resumed. In spite of knowing my understanding of how heaven communicates they try the same cap over and over. This tells me that there abilities and parameters have been narrowed to a few manouvers. The best part is that I can validate that in five years they have been in a constant state of decline. How and when it will end I cannot determine, I simply know that it will end in our favor. It has already ended but they are not content to get lost, they want to bleed to death as it were and that’s fine with us.

Even the dog is doing better he does not poop indoors as much as he did before when things were really bad. I will never know how much this may affect household pets.

Nepal and the Baltimore crisis

Past few days have been a portrait of a world in trouble as things escalate in different areas of various continents. Nepal may have ceased to exist as we know it. The coverage of the disaster has disappeared off the charts in only two days alone. The only people grieving in the west are tourists who have lost loved ones but the world of nepal is of no commercial value to the news system which should tell us how jews value human life. I doubt anyone will ever know the true numbers of what life was lost. They were so poor that the hole they are lying in is, a better grave than would gave been dug for them. Noone is going to dig them out at this altitude under this kind of danger to dig yet another hole. The dali lama has not been heard from anywhere demanding humans she’ll out money. Facebook did however post an unwanted ad on my page asking for money for nepal. …can we say thank you jew for putting money in your fucking pocket.

Baltimore is of national concern. The damage cited today on the news indicates a massive rise to arms but a racial profile. The one day damage could total a billion dollars in damages and lost business. I do know that an arc is in that area since I lived in Baltimore and became very sick. So the jews need to shake up some racial term oil to make a buck.

Regardless it is ckear that the white race no longer needs or wants colored races or jews amongst them. All things placed aside the living experiment called earth has failed to bind any group. Some are willing to live peacefully and Co exist but most are repeating an ongoing pattern that does not change even to help their own kind. Science now tells us what a human is by defenition and what it is not. The white races are unwilling to live in piles of rubble, chaos, hatred, economic unrest, violence and a history that is wiped off the face of the earth.

What has happened in my home will go down in human history as a living experiment gone bad. That innocent people were butchered in their homes and communities by monkeys and jews. Heaven reached its conclusion and I am the decision maker. There is no redemption now or ever. Good riddance.

Interesting happening tonight. I came upon a picture of Marilyn Monroe on Google and no sooner did I look at it that I knew immediately that she too was a victim of mind control tactics. I have no clue if the arc itself is giving the data or someone is doing it on purpose. The download was instantaneous. The I’m formation makes sense since she had a dual kennedy involvement and both brothers were killed shortly thereafter. By the Jewish mafia.

April 27th 2015

Today has been a bizarre day over all. I woke up from a streamed dream that felt very real. I was inside of a large house, a house in which I lived. I heard voices as I do now, voices trying to warn me about the Indian man. The voice belonged to a Jewish man. I walked to the window and I saw him out side with another man. He was dressed in orthodox religious clothing with a shimmering blue purple cloak that covered his head and body. As they left I ran to the front of the house and saw them leave in a plum SUV. Somehow I had a memory of having seen this man before when I was a child with my father. The inside of the house had dark hard wood floors, CA long runner leading up to the foyer and a small mat by the front door. As I looked out the window I saw large snow flakes falling outside.

April 25 2015

Cold rainy day, winter has come back to visit. I was hit in the chest last night and I have been in pain physically and emotionally today. My heart hurts as does my spinal cord. The voices have been nasty all day and the mercury beading can be heard in the back ground.

Business has been slow and the news not. A massive quake jolted Nepal today doing sever damage. The quake caused massive landslides in the himalayas. The quake is the largest on shore incidence in my memory. I hope their arc was taken out. Nepal as we know it will never exist again.

Facebook has died off in recent weeks which I find interesting that humans have last faith in social media and communications. A still is growing upon the landscape. I hope the silence means that they are deep in thought. Something big is around the corner. That something will be good for us and bad for them.

As I was laying in bed this morning partially in remember suddenly I realized what had occured last night as I did my art work. Jupiter is communicating with me in a totally different manner knowing that I am an artist. Several of my pieces yesterday were vital answers to their questions. The piece that took me by surprise is my transferring an abstract design into a heart muscle. The art work that I did when gary was alive was similar in that it all held messages to be unraveled. I am intrigued by their advanced methods given the distance. Child psychologists do the same thing with traumatized children.

April 24 2015

Two separate interesting articles published this morning. One was about voices being recorded on a baby monitor after a small child complained to his parents about hearing voices. The recorded voices are pandering 8 a pedophile that match our Indian man. The second article was about people who hear a reach ring tune in their head and cannot get it out of their mind. The article suggested the chewing of gum.

I have to check and see what country manufactured the baby monutir, to see if it is Taiwan the same country that made the lethal paranormal equiptment. I wonder how many cases of schizophrenia in young children are related to the use if baby monitors. That ultimately the use if radio, television and other conveyors of frequency will lead to dementia, alzhiemers and hearing voices.

Of interest to this discussion is the influence of music in our lives. Music is the combination of body movements, accepting lit and verbal messages. There has been a long debate over the influence of television programing and music over young minds. Most of us felt that educated people could not fall for that type of subliminal intrusion into their personal choices. That rap music is just music unless you are poor, and come from a bad influence in society. Now that we know there is a bigger program at work that creates, influences and utilizes all forms of human expression to the extreme and to its own advantage we are in real trouble.

Qianling Mausoleum….follow up. Heavenly hexogram

Charles II……Barry Wymore












This is a great story from many angles. Barry’s family has shown up multiple times in history, in greefe, in egypt, in Arabia and now in Europe. It’s facination to watch the migration of humans and of souls from place to place. Where ever we are now we may have been before but we are also part of the history of a diverse planet.

Barry and I attended Cairo American College in the 1970’s. He was a few years older than me and not a part of my peer group. We reconnected in 2010 on Facebook amongst a large gathering of former school mates. His mother was our music teacher in Egypt and oddly enough I remember us practicing dilligently, blowing our kazoo and memorizing lines from a biblical musical.

I had no idea until recently that Barry has a very intriguing background even in this life. His grandfather is the late swashbuckling Errol Flynn of Hollywood. His swarthy looks are more from his grandmother errol flynns wife.

Barry also has a strange connection to another person who I know that was once Henry Viii. Barry’s grandmother was once the famed Nary Queen of Scitts. So not only are we a part of a reach ring group of people that have shared friendships and lifetimes together across the globe but we are connected through marriages and dynastic rule.

In this life I have only known Barry as a friend but 2000 years ago according to history I was his second wife in Greece.

This grouping of paintings is my favorite of all the collections because the attention to detail and quality of workmanship off sets the photographs rather than creating nuances and features that require explanations. You just sit there quietly and smile in amazement as you look at the pairings.

I feel that reincarnation and facial hair in men might require it’s own book at some point and time. As you can see people retain their liking for hair styles and facial hair from lifetime to lifetime and sometimes it never goes away. Barry’s mustache even today would be considered a sign of personal statement and flare beyond fashions current assignment.