March 31 2015

Sunny and breezy outside. Lots
if Indians calling me all related to our favorite plastic slipper fool. Today is another turning if the leaf. My days are fairly easy now without pain and sickness, the nights are the only discomfort when I get strobe and sent interactives. He seems to be unraveling in new and Un useful ways. But it’s best to watch the trend to see where it goes. Given the damage accrued at my hands logic says that he should have gone silent and run to get his slippers. I don’t understand why he is willing to allow me to destroy him. He has been located, an address I have.

Today I have called the university of alabama, sent an email to the FYI and left a message for the department of street mapping in Prince William county and tried to correct an issue with a payment for my mortgage. All of these should have taken several minutes of my time but have consumed 4 hours. In the age of information it is impossible to locate phone numbers, find pee who speak English and resolve any issues. The Internet has become an excuse, a way to divert people who need assistance and force people to inquire by email when they might need an urgent response. Noone can locate , c find or manage anything that is required to run a system. There has clearly been a deluge from India a poor illiterate country in tech support people. Like most things we think nothing of it until you understand for and function. How does a nation that cooks with cow a hit manage to produce people literate in the most advanced technologies surpassing all other nations.

Today conjecture confirms that India is bring base grade drugs to the United states through shipments of an ample food supply called rice. The narcotics are wrapped in packages of cellophane that will attract the rice and keep it positioned not allowing it to surface to the top. Rice is too abundant and too messy to check and something about the natural smell of rice and how it’s packaged may prohibit the dogs to smell it out.

We waste time and money for you so you don’t have to….

Why train the cocktail when you can kill it….

Money can only buy as much as you are worth….

It’s 7pm and today has certainly been entertaining. I love it when Satan tries to give reminders on how the program works. The program is set up to create a maze of illogical assumptions that continually churn the human mi do towards seeking answers in various ways. The chanting causes stress and tension by creating a duality, as your mind seeks answers the other noises push you in the opposing direction never allowing yourself to disengage from the ride of madness. It resembles having two radios on different stations open at two points in a room , which one will your mind choose. If you survive this nightmare long enough you will eventually derive something whatever it may be to create your own truth and understanding so the voices do not belittle you, judge you and close in on you by forcing you to live in fear and paranoia.

In the public eye

Given the manner of seeking information using the arc places all members of the public with jobs in the public eye in grave danger. These are known quantities who by the virtue of their personal drive and financial success are sending a signal that this life emulates all the previous ones. If they can find me one can only imagine what they are doing to t b en rich and famous. This means that weakening the foundation of any political structure equals finding, harassing and damaging well known people. Because of who they have determined I smiled every human that interests me has become a victim. Literally all I have to do is read an article about someone and they fall in weeks.

University of Alabama and meth

Moments ago I called the director and supervisor of the university of Alabama chemistry department and shared with him my scrubs as I understand them. I told him that a member of his staff by the name of Jennings, Michael has been mentioned and imitated in running an unsupervised meth lab both on site at the University and off campus. That my information is infirmal, that I am a writer and that I am not associated with law enforcement in any facet. That what I am sharing with him may or may not be the truth but ad a human and a citizen I am doing what I feel is my moral obligation.

Of personal interest was the name shelly hall where the lab is located. The name shelly was associated with Gary dog in heaven.

The three amigos

The Indian has something b yo tell us

He is the cult of personality
I am personality without the cult
The Jews are the cult without the personality

I think this should sell well on a mug

Tonight a proposition has been offered. In the nextvtwe NJ to four hours the other two sides will need to consider if they are willing to reach a mutual three party consideration to shut down mind control in such a manner that the world will not be stunned but will adjust. Access to heaven will be opened and all boxes will be shown to the world as owned by their current owners in an effort to move the world I b to the next level. In consideration for this cease fire my book will not present any party in a manner that will cause the 3rd world war. Reincarnation will be presented in a positive forward view point. If the response is more cap I will kill all of you.

An interesting evening of conversation about the history of Arc ownership all over the world. How this secret was kept for this long is amazing however when you look at the age of industrialization and public edu c action it really had not been a long time. When you look at how the world has changed in 36 years in the three decades I have been here then the rest is part for the course. The hardest part of all of this that makes me bitter is the silence if the American government. I am told that they know and I believe as I have sought out harp myself. Aside from the rage inside its, still fascinating to know the even small groups of people have managed to keep, hide and utilize these.


The cult religion everyone loves to hate. I have my own first hand accounts. I went as a visitor in 1994 with a mutual friend who was an avid member. Nothing prepared me for the hours that followed. Basically at the end I was glad to be alive and out of their building. I was not there long enough to become a member but there long enough to feel that I had boarded an alien spaceship leaving earth. They were pushy, abrasive, they searched my personal possessions behind my back. When I refused to hand them 400 for fees to join and classes c to take they brought my bag in thevroom, opened it in front of me and handed me my checkbook, all with a straight face. I fled in terror after I wrote the check which I stopped payment on the following day.

Like all aspects of cult lunacy there were inte r eating moments, not many but a few. For seven years they called me on the phone and filled my mailbox with very expensive literature seven days a week, until it stopped.

Scientology and voice hearing are close relatives, if not cousins. Clearly Ron Hubbard had his share of experiences right or wrong. His cult however is extremely monitored and wanting to join does not mean that you get to join. They guard their secrets carefully and hand select their members. I remember spending hours and hours taking various personality tests and being asked questions.

Now I wonder if this cult if personality is not just another Jewish cult. Like all good Egyptian and Roman cults and secret societies, secrets and mysteries are a must. These secrets cost a pretty penny and require years of servitude before anyone gets their eyes or ears near anything remotely secret.

So the jews created an Un Jewish cult if we’ll connected people with money, clout, desire, ego and interesting bedroom activities. This small fascinating group aloud the Jewish arc to get its claws into the United states. There is nothing about this organization that even falls close to the Indian esoteric bullshit mind frame. This is a controlled fascist environment.

Of course this is not the only members only club in the usa. The masons are a similar kind of group with a slightly differing view. This is the good old boys club of well groomed white men only.

Before the advent if the computer using mind control to delve inside specialized groups was how trending was done. The Internet that currently exists is a sad venture created for an ominous purpose but never finished or presented in a manner to meet the needs of the masses.

Fortunately secret organizations are a thing of the past and on the diminishing scale. The Internet and access to live info on the spot removes mist if the barriers in communication in our world. And I doubt that any amount if Internet regulation is ever going to dampen the American spirit of freedom. I am lady liberty. Build it and they shall cone.

The big hit

In five years if emotional deluge and loss today is a big day with a potential hit of large magnitude. The morning vegan with the usual barrage if voice and strobing so much so that I became ill. In the midst if the exchange of slurs I mimed him and he used the numbers 2195 to refer to his address in the montclair area. I had no idea if it would ever be possible to locate those responsible but today that may have happened. He was rather glib cause he did not think that you could track an address and locate someone just by four numbers.

I Google those numbers in va knowing that it would bring up any and all streets containing them and there was only one Jennings street in woodbridge. On its own it means nothing an address on this planet but here are the stats….
…..2195 Jennings street 22191
…..happens to be minutes from me
….is a single family home that sold in January and it typically takes about 90 to settle.
……only days ago he was talking about moving locations prior to today’s events.
…..The house was listed by a Spanish man Jose Veda of venus reality which is I treating because he likes Spanish men and the planetary reference is interesting.
…..I called Mr vela and he confirmed that the sale was a home that he listed. I asked him if an Indian man had purchased it and he said yes….He then returned and corrected the answer by saying that he was a man not from India but from Pakistan.
…..He also added that the sale had some unusual aspects that the purchaser demanded that all references to the sale and the ownership be romped from the tax records. That tells me that it was a cash sale and the personality of the individual fits within our profile selection. That he may be here illegally and gave something to hide.
……The profile is increased as I go ogled the associated map and I was amazed and horrified at what I saw. Jennings street is flanked on one side with Macedonia drive…..and on two other sides by two different Olmstead. My attorney wasvt b en firm Olmstead and Olmstead in Manassas. And Of course Macedonia Refers to Phillip Of Macedon And Everything That We Represent On This land.

I just Googled map quest to see how far this individual lives from me and the inferences raise more eyebrows than not. He lives 9.11 miles away which has an interesting c I newton with 911. He also lives 17 minutes away which has been a number I’ll used to but not understood.

The newly purchased home like mine sits in a neighborhood with an elementary school.

I have called several law enforcement agencies and they all hung up. I called Canada to see if he can be identified from info on their wanted list that they said went back decades. They were polite courteous and very responsive.

The voices are freaked out our person of interest just made a comment that the two brothers pose as man and wife, because one has had enough surgery to pass as a woman.

Comments have been made for years about the university of Alabama having a connection to the creation of drugs and ricine. Today he mentioned a specific word in association with this search…..resonance laboratory. I checked on Google and such a lab does exist at this university. I checked the staff and faculty list which has photos attached. The only thing that stood out was a young man provably in his thirties on the faculty list. His name is Michael P Jennings. The home they purchased is on Jennings street.

I received a call back from target corporations security people and they said that they would follow up the lead and would call me with further questions. I feel very depressed tonight given these circumstances. It is easier to accept an alien invasion far more readily than realizing that a person only ten miles away from you is responsible for most if the grief in the world.i don’t even know if I am stunned or shocked but I cannot feel anything right now.

 Nick Begich son of a congressman and someone who understood this technology and lobbied against it and tried to educate others. Presumed dead in 1972 when congressional hearings where taking shape on this topic.

I just Google Michael angelo the painter and found yet another portrayal of him that matched the man who came to the door. I also found rough sketches titled cleopatra from 400 years ago. The poses seems to have been done by an Indian boy dressed as cleopatra. It appears that b the past and the present have met again.

Tonight the hit grows bigger. The university of Alabama has a unique location. That location gave it access to NASA headquarters. And my understanding of what has occurred there is further cemented by the fact that my ex husband’s uncle ran the nasa program began hearing voices, held his family hostage at gun point and then committed suicide. The arc may have been stored at the University. And some member of that faculty or chairman of the board may have the Jewish connection.

The blue swirl seen in the sky and photographed tears ago that appeared over the skies of Sweden is related to arc activity that sane pattern is found all over the world carved on stones as petroglyph which tells us that for some reason the arcs opened and closed or projected things into the sky and those who saw them in awe carved them as symbols in stone.