A light versus dark universe

Heaven as a place of joyous return. Obviously death takes a toll on everyone those left behind and those returning to jupiter. Those returning have several advantages that we do not have here.
….A large supportive family base spanning many generations.
….The realization of a long life span to follow their journey.
….A world where humans and technology balance each other.
…..A world without noise pollution and mind control.
…..A world where each returning human is embraced with love and caught up with.

Our world lacks all of the above. We live in a dwindling structure of unhappiness covered up with consumerism.

As I took a nap this afternoon a thought was scooted in or dropped in for me to think about. We have discussed before that circular orbits and round planets make it easy to assume that the laws of physics have created a spherical universe.

Where ever we find life bearing planets we find a binary sun. The sun has many attributes but clearly one is providing light. Light is important to our survival and we’ll being. We have found ways of illuminating darkness to overcome the lack of light. Even the skies are lit with stars to provide an ambient light when the sun is not around. Perhaps science Wi better help us understand what would transpire if there were no stars in the sky. Even in the shadow of darkness we have never truly been in the dark . Those stars may have no other purpose than being a universal flashlight. There may be parts of our universe that are totally devoid of light and that we transport these twinkling support systems as we move inward.

Our universe is filled with dark matter called black holes that seem to gobble up stuff as they move along. A recent article this week said that a black hole was spotted that contained the light of a billion suns. We conceive of darkness as simply being a lack of light which may be true in your bathroom when the bulb burns out. But what if energy can be spun to have a physical presence….particles charged that don’t create light but the reverse….anti matter. What if that anti matter is like a big vacuum cleaner moving and re arranging things in our universe without letting the transaction being seen by telescopes from other planets. If a planet has not stabilized and like earth it’s people are subjugated to a sleep from which they have not awoken it could be damaging. Part of planet building is allowing those involved to discover their own truth and negotiate their way through the ups and downs. Yes we are indeed part of a large universal movement but at the same time we are experiencing turbulence while adjusting to our inner climactic situations. Kind of like a parent allowing a child to learn by making mistakes. Some of those mistakes and growth spurts can spawn a new creative outlet never experienced and valuable to universal growth.

Letter sent to me

Hello my name is Reese Lay. I live in Alabama but about to leave for Louisiana in a week to go back to a seasonal job that pays very well. But as I get closer to going back to work I seem to be going back to the way I used to be before I was medicated for skitzophenia I’m not quite sure if I can here ppl or its all not real but the last time it came back it almost made me lose everything I had in my life. If there is any way u can help me please help asap. My email isreeselay@gmail.com I hope to hear from u asap please help.

I got ur info from a blog u did on blog.Ted.comyes please help

So u don’t remember writing a blog about skitzophenia and hearing voices?

If u will go to this website (blog.ted.com) and scroll almost all the way down the page u will see ur blog u posted this Nov.13.2014

Or Google this voice hearers blog it’s the first link u see (everything you ever wanted to know about voice hearing)

nenarazmara commented on Nov 13 2014
I am currently writing several books about hearing voices. I would love to talk to you and maybe we can Lear something from one another. You can reach me atnenarazmara@hotmail.com
When I hear from you I will give you a phone number and we can speak on the phone.

And I’m not a Indian asking for Bill games I’m here bc u typed this and I have gave u this website and I have pasted what u said so is this the same person who wrote this cause if not then u can not help me so there for u have wasted my time u idiot

Feb 28 2015

How an operation is done to create a vaginal out of a penis. I have a large medical background but last night I learned some things that I did not know our Indian was having an open conversation with the jewelry who may be a doctor locally. The Conversation Was About His Transformation From Male To Female With The Appropriate Reconstructed Body parts.

It turns out that a new vaginal is constructed from the old penis. It contains the vascular material and the elasticity and tactile feel required. The tip of the pen is is removed and the remainder is pushed in backwards as it is already connected to an ample blood supply. The tip of the pen is is formed into the new clitorus because it has the sensitivity and nerve endings.this is how you know the voice hearing is not a mental illness.

They were tracking me when I worked for aref. There was a whole long dissertation about my tenure as a kitchen and bath designer and if I was an inept theif. I was horrified to learn that they were monitoring me even then, because my regression to Egypt happened at that point. They determ I need that the clash of titans I had with Aref had nothing to do with my being a their rather that he was a bizarre creature who controlled and put fear into everyone including his own two younger brothers who were scared of him. For a few brief months I managed to turn their dirty, filthy carpet showroom that looked like something from the middle east into a small functioning kitchen showroom. Aref and his large canine who was chained to the bathroom door went home and retired. Then one day in a rage at the secretary he returned and life was turned back into the dark ages.

The whole Louisiana and Katrina issue was revisited from a new angle. Louisiana had been picked as a location for a certain group of people. The weather was a perfect match with a vast oil and fishing industry and a gulf view. The arc is capable of modulating weather with a destructive force and it had been done before in florida. The new angle is when homes are destroyed the insurance companies owned by the Jews flock in like vultures. People are then denied claims and held in suspense opening up an Avenue to purchase land dirt cheap. Many will flee anyway not wanting to take a second chance at being blown away. Next bitty was introduced with Brad Pitt who is known for his architectural renovation and preservation interests along with his Hollywood connections. He was hired and moved to the area with his expanding brood. After a few years he began to sense the Jewish agenda and knew why they had chosen him and left and moved to france. The Jews laughed at him behind his back joking about the family and it’s children calling them noahs arc. Angolina breastfeeding cancer was a payment for his departure.

Final straw came when the my mentioned my profuse bleeding the evening I met Gary. Even I too was scared at work because at one instance I was soaked in blood and I had to change all my clothes. Apparently they had been strobing my ovaries to make sure that the two of us would never produce children.

Disecting information

When I was a kid the news was delivered by journalists irregardless of the fashion status. Television was rather simple in its delivery, everything had its appropriate timeslot. Then arrived 24hr television and a million channels. News casting changed to reflect a different psychology and standard. It was not enough for one person to deliver the news but an entire panel to disect and chew and swallow for you. Everything became very glossy and shiny and the viewer was urged to join a way of thought. That’s when I clicked out of life and discarded television. I only had one pair of eyes and the remote control was way to large and heavy to hold, and the array of choices to many altogether.

Now I rely on my android. I view the news without being sacked into it. Life is now abbreviated so it can be consumed and understood. I don’t watch the Kardashian show but what I read here and there tells me all I need to know. I am not manipulated by media but I am a consumer of the medium.

Because I am a writer I don’t mind digging for answers and emerging myself in data. But sadly our Internet lacks creativity, standards and as it stands it’s mire like a ruin then a relic. There is always room for improvement. We are able to scan the world if we have the time but someone needs to fill the empty shelves. Literally the Internet is the untapped medium and I have no clue who is in charge to blame.

Television is always going to be an entertainment medium but there is no end to how the Internet can grow and branch off. The world around us exists yet it has not found its viewer yet. We seem to think that we know, understand and can assimilate everything around us. Even today with no more new continents to explore there is plenty of new ideas and life styles to understand. The biggest problem in our world on the smallest and largest scale is lack of communication, miss understanding, racial tension and gender issues. That tells us that humans are not just different look I no but emotionally just as variant. We may have explored the world and brought home some nice handcrafted goods but we failed to understand it’s people.

Waynes metamorphisis

It’s important to note that Wayne comes from a family where religion is very paramount. Every other person is a minister. When religion arises in a family it’s taken as being a part of someone’s upbringing, an inyerest, a focal point. Perhaps that too could be arc related.

Wayne is one of two male children in his family. His brother is merely a year and a half younger than him. Their father was a southern Baptist minister and their mother a home maker when we met. My family in contrast steered far and away from religion. I tried to see the positive side of the issue that religion must lead to ethics and family values.

Wayne took all of this in stride and promised that the god factor was not in his blood and that I should feel safe knowing that he had no religious inclinations. He was a handsome, driven, intellectual. Early in the first few months of dating he told me that he was a recovering alcoholic and drug addict something that he had not been forthcoming about, something that scared and terrified me. He appeared to be perfectly healthy and normal and I did not want to jeprodize a happy future based on lingering fears. I spoke to my father one evening and he shared his thoughts as follows. He felt that statistics showed that addicts often fall back into their old behaviors, and those who are emotionally tethered to them are dragged through rocky terraine. He had no objections to Wayne or my relationship he simply wanted to present my choices as a point of view. He also felt that we were in the very early phases of a relationship and ending it sooner versus later would keep Wayne from being hurt. I evaluated his perspective and decided that I was unwilling to part with him without a reason.

A secret that Wayne held onto for years was that his drug and alcohol issues had other footings. He had been hospitalized for six months under lock and key in arlington. One day in his bedroom he told me that he had heard voices calling him from the outside. He had run outside in the middle of Washington Blvd in his under wear. He had no clue who the voice belonged to and did not want to linger on the topic. The walls of his bedroom were painted in bizarre murals that almost resembled cave paintings and in the middle of this extravagant mural was a giant spicket from which drops of water fell.

Our entire relationship was made up of sharp ups and downs as he revolved his addictions and issues. I felt as the clean sober one that it was my duty to save him. We had dated for years and we were extremely close and we’ll appropriated. We enjoyed each others company and philosophically we were in tandem other than what seemed to derail him.

What struck me as being unusual was that suddenly and on a dime his whole personality and sensuality changed overnight. In fact at the time my next door neighbor was an African American called Garland. Things appeared pretty normal until garland formed a church group right next door and my husband began to attend in secret. My entire world was rocked when he announced that his cult like church group was opposed to our marriage and saw me as a detriment.before I knew it I was having to beg my next door neighbor to see my husband. After an explosive physical altercation garland gave him shelter and when the police arrived it was a fiasco. When appeared to be under total lock down and control. Suddenly his lack of religious interest flipped a switch and he was now an extremists.

It’s been fifteen years since those events and strange things are occurring again next door. My next door neighbor is a white female who works on Capitol Hill as a security analyst. She has lived next door for almost a decade. Her boyfriend is an African man and they have been together for many years maybe five. I avoid Christy at all costs because of her narcissistic personality. On occasion I have spoken politely to her boyfriend in passing. Suddenly in the last few days he too has turned a coin and seems to be directing it towards me. This whole neighborhood had suffered in the past two decades and especially so in the last five. I just see a similarity between garland and the new guy and wonder how much of a part mind control has played in the dynamics of these relationships.

Feb 26 2015

Snowy day and the voices ramble on with their daily bullshit. Something was said this morning about Pakistan having been given an incentive to bomb India tomorrow, because they too are growing in fear of what the future will hold. I have no clue what truth that holds but as a person who loved living in Pakistan with fond memories I am baffled that two countries can exist side by side and one can be such a disaster. The voices just responded that India gas a greater population. I think I will spare myself the agony of yet another dissertation for a toad.

Since these wretched animals own an arc maybe they should provide an educational system by broadcast for india. Literally every time he opens his mouth more stupidity rambles out.

The story is that the Indians of India are told that Israel and America are not countries but covert operations. That the populations of these two countries are simply pen pushers in offices who sit around and write checks so the people of India can be impoverished. That these covert operations are simply jealous of the Indian life style that includes doing very little a b day drink tea all day. Of course one would laugh at this until you Google India online and see that most of them live in a stone age landscape.

The biggest hurdle to saving this planet is helping people understand how the human brain works and how perception is formed early in life. How each persons perception becomes a window through which they view life for better or for worst. That a lack of education creates a veneer as does education itself. The real clue is in bridging the gap. Perhaps our covert operation should randomly pick up sone stone age people and bring them here for several months and then return them to their own dust bin.

Our toadstool has the idea that using his new found humor he can dampen my anger so really bad things don’t happen to him and his people. I guess I should look for roses and chocolates to arrive at my front door any minute now. I never thought terrorism would one day take this shape.

Voices continue to be fairly quiet and distanced from me. He is chirping away more to keep it going rather than to instigate. Who knows what ants think and do when your not around.

Regressions have been a big topic today and I am thinking back to my childhood trying to figure out what is normal childhood behavior and what is not. I was a creative kid from the start who was more of a quiet shy self entertaining type with an ability to be absorbed into my own fantasies.

I remember in Saudi Arabia I would sit behind that large mahogany desk in the spare room and feel like a powerful leader organizing an event, I was only three we then moved to an apartment and I spent many hours playing inside the spare bathrooms pretending they were separate castles. One bathroom was pink and the other blue. Pakistan enthralled me because I woke up each morning thinking I was inside a tropical rain forest filled with singing birds. To a degree it was true because the forest was several hundred feet away but the birds may have been induced. Even when we moved to Woodbridge the birds gad a similar arrangement. I woke up to what I thought was a window filled with sparrows. I assumed that they were perching on the edge of the gutters. The crickets have been the same. I have actually slept on the swing outside many summer evenings just washed away in cricket dounds. I sometimes wondered why the crickets were loud in the winter months. The strange beeping noises that I hear everyday I recall hearing in Iran as a child. The dog howls and jackal howls of Egypt and Pakistan may have been creations to of Un natural sounds. I complained to my parents all the time about the jackal calls in the evening in islamabad. Sky noises have been a recent addition but the dial tone noise that science calls tennitis of the ear I suffered with horribly for a decade. I could lay in bed at night and hear it ringing in my ear. The pitch was so high that sometimes I worried that I might lose my mind.

It’s now 7pm and the voices have become tiny and barely above a hush, although he hit me very hard in the abdomen during my session. It took me by surprise. During the last five years I was led to believe that no communication of any kind might lead him to leave but it may be a combination of other things. This month I have begun to mentally pull away and physically recover. And it’s possible that there is a reciprocal balancing act between my energy and his lack of interest. When I am down, sick and despondent then he is a loud screaming voice. I do believe that the best method of survival is being true to yourself and doing and saying what you need to. I am not sure if I would have done better with medication but everyone I contacted who was placed on mess was in coherent and unstable. In the long run I am glad I did it my way and gained some knowledge to pass on.

I also believe that an algorithm was passed on to me days ago and may be disabling theirs. Logic too is the best medicine and a great method to permanently disable your enemy. I am hoping that when he shuts down its a permanent thing and that more fools like him are not waiting to take his place. Right now I am in my comfort zone, he goes on and on but it does not cause sickness or sound pollution that stops me from functioning. Boredom has set in and I would like to learn as much as possible before he croaks.

And the languages of men were confused

This is the only reference to the tower if babel in the bible. How exactly do you confuse the languages of men, and can such a thing be done. I am living proof, a woman who knows something vital that the world at large cannot see or understand. What the arc can do is exactly what has been done here on earth. A simple signal broadcast has effected every chain of communication on this land. Where two people meet to discuss an objective something is added, deleted, obscured, slanted, insinuated until the simple truth is hidden from view.

How many times has a simple conversation gone bad between two people who loved one another. Words that should have been said that were not. Words that were thrown out in anger and confusion that led to regret. Human relationships are created with communucation, bonding, love and sex. But all relationships begin with a simple exchange. Marriages are forever ruined by stupid arguments that cover up other hidden animosities. These misses follow us everywhere and after a lifetime we look back at all the things that should and could have been.

Those strange phases in life that we take for granted. …teenage angst….mid age crisis….marital infidelities. Once you know that a program exists controlled by a group who call themselves Jews, who use us as a reality show. And that in itself tells us something about our peep hole culture. It’s no longer about some trailer trash on the Maury povitch show discussing incest in their family. It’s about cameras following entire families around until self absorption, camera obsession and life style grooming becomes a new way of looking at yourself. People who can only understand who they are if they can see an article printed about themselves. People who take self is in every bathroom to make sure that they are as good looking today as they were yesterday. National obsessions tell us about who we are and how we got here. None of these reality TV families survive their own shows. Most of them shatter on the air and others panic once the cameras are gone. There is an entire nation watching us eat dinner and have sex from across the world. If things continue Jews will be screaming through everyone’s window really soon.

Just as we are being invaded by a Jewish cult with a secret machine and it’s well positioned camera lens we ourselves suffer from selective vision. We choose to ignore all things that don’t agree with us and create a small comfir yr able world that only makes sense to us. We are retreating inside our own private world’s and then investigating the world using laptops and home computers. In turn our compute r so are invaded by snooping people from India who are gathering info. Half the nation is on medication for schizophrenia and Koonce talks about it. The National security agency is worried about terrorism. And Facebook users post articles about conspiracies. Some oeop may even watch the sky as they wait for aliens and others are on the look out for reptilians. In the meantime heaven is trying to say….Hello we are here, we are not dead. This is just a partial review of a day on earth.

Is there a truth? And can anyone put it out there when the crazy stuff sounds more interesting. This is why life here is a mess. You could not run an office like this but we have a planet suffering from a case of lunacy of the first order.