Fayoum 2…Nicole Richie……………1


This is one of my favorite peices. This is how humans transcend space and time. Nicole Richie is the beauty portrayed in the painting. I feel that the hands that painted this truly appreciated her visual contribution. They captured every nuance, the graceful shape of her face, her vibrant skin and the slight tilt of her eyes.

Nicole is the daughter of Lionel Richie and a fashion trend setter and her statement is clean and classical both past and present. So we can see that personal style carries through the ages.


Fayoum 1…Jason Davis…………….1


This portrait struck me the very first time I saw it. It was distinctly different than all the rest. It was clear that the artist truly mastered their trade. It is an extraordinary and exemplary price of art that defies history. If you saw this out of historical context you would never guess that it was 2000 years old. The blending of pigments is so well done that the skin becomes a transformed landscape of its own. There was no need to embellish the rendering with backgrounds, jewelry and other decorative elements.

The painting is striking and it grabs it’s audience. It’s so bold that it’s bigger than life. I felt a sense of recognition but it took several weeks to sort it out. And yes the owner of the face is truly bigger than life and bold as their portrait. The picture and the painting are equals and the painter was not building a creature of fantasy.

Fayoum portrait


These two portraits are likely done by different hands and each one imparts a unique style andvfeel. The one on the left is based more on reality as we understand it and the one on the right is commonly referred to as impressionistic. It is a blend of textures, shades and hues that impart dimension and shape. So it’s understood that there is no one way to create a drawing or portrait. Art is as varied as those who perceive it. And even in ancient times modern, abstract and impressionistic art exusted. You cannot judge history simply based on architectural carvings and renderings.


I have had almost five years to ponder the backlash that I will receive from those who consider themselves professional historians and archeologists. I am a person with many interests, an avid reader of many topics far and wide. I am not only angry but bitter at how human history is preserved and packaged for consumption. When I was a student at George Mason University my professor in toman art and archeology told me privately and behind closed doors that being an archeologist and historian did not mean that the truth is being presented. That those who are given grants to study out in the field, to go on digs and to teach in universities are being paid by those who wish to preserve and present history in their own image.

There is a well known saying that history is made by the winners and not the vanquished. That is the sad truth. When wars are instigated and won traces of human life both flesh and stone are removed. When you consider how long we have lived on this planet there is very little to show for the complete time line of human history.

There are archeological remains stored in museums that will never see the light of day. Inside boxes, on shelves, in basements they will slowly turn into dust unless they are accounted for, photographed and documented.

I became the armchair historian working on my own time. I found gaps in human history, missing evidence, items marked incorrectly and the total effect is that human history is not only going to be corrected but rewritten.


It’s amazing how sometimes the world delivers just in the nick of time.  It’s like losing your keys and finding them in time. This week has been filled with timely gifts. The kardashian appearances between fayoum and California is something to think about. Not only does the world know them but they are captured in the same age group they are now, recognizable as we know them.

As you attempt to solve and address problems you have to think from both angles both yours as the authors and theirs as the sceptics. One big issue is helping my future audience understand the difference between picture matching and finding the right owner to the portrait. There are seven billion owners on this planet. I am not sure what the odds are for look alike mathematically. Even lookalikes are not complete matches. I don’t know the odds but I would say that in a multi billion population it would be one in several million. So let’s think about 200 portraits and that I was able to identify them with a plausible match within my social circle. My social circle is not only my family and friends but what I would call persons of jnterest. People who are in the public eye who have attracted my attention.

Human personality is something that emanates from both physical and Jon tangible resources. Last night I was trying to find a match for a rather obscured painting that had not weathered well. I spent days glancing at it searching my mind with no luck. The painting is of a young woman with classic Italian features. Features that could be considered too stylized to belong to any one person. Last night I decided to face the challenge one last time before calling it quits. I found what I thought was the closest natch, and Jo sooner than doing so did I suddenly realize that my brain had finally located the rightful owner. When I found a pleasing photograph to mirror the painting it became obvious once again that every human is a fantastic mixture and blends if attributes that only belong to them and the correct match just screams at you.

Here are some simple melange of attributes that are broken down. Keep in mind that even a catastrophic artistic rendition done with dirty brushes and bad pigments by a blind painter still captures enough essential attributes to still be connected to the sitter if the portrait no matter how bad the painting.

…..shape of face
…..color and luminescence of the skin
…..length and width of the nose
…..shape of eyebrows
……taughtness of skin
……muscle tone
……shape of lips
……color and shape of eyes
……shape of ears
…….hairline and color if hair
…….facial hair
……wrinkles and laugh lines
……shape of skull
……formation of eyelids
……size of cornea
……tilt of head
……texture of hair
……identifying marks

Within each category are more subtle nuances. Eyes are not just located in your face, they are spaced. The eyes have their own unique shape and tilt. Another interesting thing shout eyes is that they literally are windows into the human soul. They are the prime focus of any portrait and as you look at these 200 examples you will see that the eyes are always exaggerated and larger than life. The nose seems to be a nuisance on the human face and obstacle to be overcome. To some degree almost all artists battle the nose and many fall short. The nose transforms the face into a three dimensional concept and that is hard to master.

The portraits are not all done by the same hand and some should have found other jobs other than painting. Several portraits are clearly unfinished and show signs of artistic rage.at some point during the process, usually the nose things took a turn for the worst and the painter splattered paint on the unfinished product and walked away. Unlike modern pigments that are extended to give you time enough to blend and paint theirs dried rather quickly and encaustic painting has a rather primitive feel because it’s done quickly.

Every artist has their favorite starting point and their least favored aspects if rendering the human form. In almost all cases you will see things that are featured more prominently and with more passion and others that barely make the grade. Portrait painting is not a science but a perspective, a window on a personality. You can tell well the artist absolutely has no chemistry with the sitter.

That is a large list to fulfill. Once you have a match then your sense of optimism is magnified as you identify other candidates that are related to that match in other portraits. Out of the 200 or so paintings two groups emerged that formed a cluster, the kardashian and my family. Each cluster has ten members associated with it which makes a chance matching with a random person an impossibility.

I am here to share a truth with the public, the fact that history preserved these items for my use is a bonus. The truth itself has nothing to do with the b existence of the physical validation. Should someone reading this book decide to try their hand at matching I would be a keen bystander. The truth is solidified when we are allowed to test for validation.

Sharing the truth

As the months have gone by I have exhausted my resources in matching works of art with faces of known humans. It has been a time consuming and draining event with moments of total stupidification and amazement. It’s almost as if time and space have realigned themselves once agsin. The most prolific collection of faces located in antiquity to validate reincarnation happens to belong to the most public family known to the world.  The very fact that they are watched in reality tv everyday will help cement these paintings in the minds of humanity. They are no longer just faces from the past but two overlapping segments of space and time.

As i have gathered and grouped and identified i have tried to share my findings with those that will benefit most. I feel that people are intrigued but showing them the faces alone is not enough to erase and redefine the truth. The story in fact is far more important because it shares a time line and the very scientific foundation for the exustence of heaven and the understanding of the arc. We have spent half a million years being trained not to think outside of the box. The truth is a journey and releasing the truth is as painful as sitting here and listening to five years of abuse. All those things that matter in life must be experienced to be validated or at least presented so the viewer can absorb it in their own time not my time.