The filthy people of india

Sometimes when things get out if hand and I get really angry at the voices I retaliate by googling. Yesterday we had an epic screaming match and I googled….The filthy people of india…..and frankly I was stunned that such a category existed. We are all aware on some level of the poverty and illiteracy of the people of this country. The images are so graphic that holding the android in the palm of my hand felt like contamination, clearly the owners of the voices did not like what they saw.

In my travels and stays abroad I have seen a lot of poverty and conflicting scenery from the underbelly of life. I did not expect to see such scenes as we’re depicted on the intetnet. The voices said…..These have been gathered by tourists visiting india….and that told me all I need to know. Clearly these were not donated by the embassy of India as an example of life and culture. In fact I was rather horrified myself as I thought I had seen it all but these images found a home of their own. It is clear that the word poverty requires a make over. My understanding if poverty does not seem to be embraced by others. Google poverty in Africa and the type of images will be vastly different. In picture after picture there are mountains and valleys of discarded filth like a vast landfill except it’s occupied. So this poverty and filth is not about a lack of but a mindset. I try to imagine myself in a post apocalyptic landscape and those of us left make an attempt to clean, remove and prepare an area to live. The voices that have screamed at me for years blame the west for destroying india. I showed them the images and asked them last night. …do you really want me to believe that these disjointed, unaware, wandering filthy people who don’t seem connected to their background or foreground are builders of empires?

I am glad that these images are there for everyone to see, we are going to devise a way for people to profile and understand groups of people who they have no access to.


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