Bilderberg annual power brokers of the world meeting

There is a road from all suppositions to the truth even if it is a gravel road of sorts. I had heard of the bilderberg group many years ago but it simply passed in my perifery. Now that we know the Jews have spear headed a slow defeat of our economy so they can own us heart soul and real estate this group deserves another look. At first it seems non plus able that a lender would want the borrowers to default butvthe c entire story once told does not require explanations.

Where large business exists so will high rollers and their secret agendas but this one has special makings that tie in beautifully to my situation. A annual gathering of the highest rollers in western society. A gathering that Doss not allow the attendees to take wives, husband’s or friends. A place where all the upcoming information for the next year is pulled and gathered and sorted. The illumination of people side tracking the conversation is rather interesting and removing brainwaves that might later be picked up unnecessarily.

This meeting is c always held in a remote area and not an inner city. Could it be that the actual arc is present at this meeting rather than just using the parameters to locate certain people. Perhaps if you have not already been able to make head contact prior to the meeting it is a guaranteed hit with the arc present.


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