Bilderberg annual power brokers of the world meeting

There is a road from all suppositions to the truth even if it is a gravel road of sorts. I had heard of the bilderberg group many years ago but it simply passed in my perifery. Now that we know the Jews have spear headed a slow defeat of our economy so they can own us heart soul and real estate this group deserves another look. At first it seems non plus able that a lender would want the borrowers to default butvthe c entire story once told does not require explanations.

Where large business exists so will high rollers and their secret agendas but this one has special makings that tie in beautifully to my situation. A annual gathering of the highest rollers in western society. A gathering that Doss not allow the attendees to take wives, husband’s or friends. A place where all the upcoming information for the next year is pulled and gathered and sorted. The illumination of people side tracking the conversation is rather interesting and removing brainwaves that might later be picked up unnecessarily.

This meeting is c always held in a remote area and not an inner city. Could it be that the actual arc is present at this meeting rather than just using the parameters to locate certain people. Perhaps if you have not already been able to make head contact prior to the meeting it is a guaranteed hit with the arc present.

The filthy people of india

Sometimes when things get out if hand and I get really angry at the voices I retaliate by googling. Yesterday we had an epic screaming match and I googled….The filthy people of india…..and frankly I was stunned that such a category existed. We are all aware on some level of the poverty and illiteracy of the people of this country. The images are so graphic that holding the android in the palm of my hand felt like contamination, clearly the owners of the voices did not like what they saw.

In my travels and stays abroad I have seen a lot of poverty and conflicting scenery from the underbelly of life. I did not expect to see such scenes as we’re depicted on the intetnet. The voices said…..These have been gathered by tourists visiting india….and that told me all I need to know. Clearly these were not donated by the embassy of India as an example of life and culture. In fact I was rather horrified myself as I thought I had seen it all but these images found a home of their own. It is clear that the word poverty requires a make over. My understanding if poverty does not seem to be embraced by others. Google poverty in Africa and the type of images will be vastly different. In picture after picture there are mountains and valleys of discarded filth like a vast landfill except it’s occupied. So this poverty and filth is not about a lack of but a mindset. I try to imagine myself in a post apocalyptic landscape and those of us left make an attempt to clean, remove and prepare an area to live. The voices that have screamed at me for years blame the west for destroying india. I showed them the images and asked them last night. …do you really want me to believe that these disjointed, unaware, wandering filthy people who don’t seem connected to their background or foreground are builders of empires?

I am glad that these images are there for everyone to see, we are going to devise a way for people to profile and understand groups of people who they have no access to.

367 Jerusalem road

This was garys last address on earth. The very first time I saw it I thought it was strange and since then it has taken on a new meaning of its own. In writing this book the goal is to dispense with heresay and understandings that have no solid reasoning. In every lifetime there are a few strange coincidences that may be random but in garys case there were too many for it to be merely chance. Clearly he was drawn to things that reminded him of places and lives that he had led before and from the collection that I have it’s safe to assume that his life as a Tudor left the strongest impression and memory.

Then we have the tagging system where people who led lives of importance are found and their minds combed and extracted. Imagine hunting down your enemies lifetime b to lifetime so you can laugh and destroy them which is what arc users are doing right now. Mind control allows you to extract, implant, lead, implement and create a pathway by which people and their personal abilities are led.

This address belonged to tammy blish a woman Gary had known and loved as a young man living and growing up in Connecticut. Gary and tammy led separate lives for three decades before they were forced together leading up to his death. I personally don’t feel that this is a random event considering armada drive his prior address. 367 is also a nice final touch. 2010 was a leap year which means that there were 367 calendar days to that year.

Sexual violation

The arc program contains all elements of human interaction from basic communication to physical intimacy. Imagine an interactive program that allows for you to provide sexual stimulation and pleasure for your partner in your absence.  Imagine talking to your partner and being able yo feel his or her desire at the same time.  This is a brain wave program that conveys the totality of your thoughts. In the past few years I had been subjected to a light form of this every time I thought about Gary  his hope had been that I would by this bullshit as being the real person and that he could sit there and abuse me. He wanted to create a streamed image if Gary panic from my memory and my preferences.

This morning hector his deviance to a new level by forcing intercourse and even now I am speechless.  I am the second person to go through this that I know of.  Lisa feoranz a paranormal is who happened to be one of the wives if Henry viii had similar experiences during her paranormal forays.  When we talked on the phone he would stream the conversation and we could both gear him. She was the only person I know who heard my recordings as I heard them. She was terrorized sexually. I had no clue about her past Luces until I began to research Henry VIII and realized that Lisa was part of the group.  She began her box usage around the same time I did.  Her mother had just died and she wanted to locate her. Lisa was a devote Catholic and she was the one who first suggested the satanic elements to paranormal investigation and I countered her. So now we know all about the content of religion as per arc users. Locate your victim establish a relationship and rape them.

Today has been an epic screaming match between me and them. Literally I feel that I can continue screaming for years to come but I am not a jail warden in charge of torturing people in my keep. It’s strange how things dwindle down and you simply runout of words for another living creature. This has been a five year journey of proving what a human is and is not. A human disengages when they have exhausted their ability to help reach a resolution. We ha cf en had a few pit stops over the past few months but tonight its officially over. There have been moments where addendum have been added to my moratorium but now I hold myself responsible for ending this bullshit. The final write up will say that I am griefstricken for my losses of those I love because of these people but I have no anger or regret over using the box. What has been gained far out reaches what I have personally lost in finances and in health. This was my ambition and I attained it for better or for worse. I feel lost in a world that I don’t understand filled with people going through the motions but it is an amazing feeling to be awake and aware.