Fayum portraits

700 portraits have been recovered from an area in Egypt called fayoum. These are sitting on the Internet gathering dust. I stumbled upon these and at first glance i did not think much. But things have a way of working their magic over night. In the search for proving the reality of life after death they have been indispensible. This is yet another medium like carvings and statuary that preserve our link with the past.

These paintings have been dated between 100 to 300 ad. Every medium has its own unique limitations as far as retaining and expressing human life, likeness and personality. The beauty of this collection is that they appear to represent a small niche in time and space. Most of Egypt art is rather severe and formal and does not impart unique persona lo it as these do. In fact this small collection may become the most famous collection on earth.

The paintings range from bad to amazing and some appear to be death portraits and others seem to be celebrating life. Most of the death portraits wear laurel leaves of gold on their heads.
…..The portraits are of men, women and children from many racial back grounds.
…..Their clothing is similar to roman togas as this was a time of rule for the Roman Empire in egypt.
…..The women are decked out in ornate and finely detailed jewelry of gold and gemstones as you would see in your finest jewelry stores today.
…..The women have ornate hairstyles and have makeup and plucked eyebrows.
In fact there us nothing that sets them apart from a community today. But then you realize that this was a small contained community in an age where air travel and rail roads did not exist yet they were racially diverse as we are today in all their finery.
The next thing to keep in mind is that these paintings were done at a time when photography did not exist. It’s impossible to know exactly how many were death portraits and how many of living people. Creating a painting that is life like from a dead body in an age without proper morgue facilities and refrigeration is nothing short of a miracle.

I was reading an article yesterday from a professional historian that declared that none of these paintings were based on real human features. That the studio created a formula which was then used for recreating faces of dead people.

I am an artist myself and painting is a tricky field until you grow in understanding and skills. As I look at these portraits it is clear that some are done by complete novices and others by skilled artisans. Painting like any artistic field gives you creative license to extract the essence of your subject as you see fit. A subject with perpetrating eyes may have a painting that focuses on the eyes and even renders them slightly larger or more expressive than life. A failure to understand the art of mixing colors can result in a muddy canvas with putrid skin colors. A failure to comprehend proportion can render a face with strange angles and poorly spaced visual interests. Yet one thing is for sure, as badly done as a painting may be it will still capture something vital of its subject.

Google the word doppelganger on the Internet and look at some photographs. A doppelganger is an individual that looks like you but is not you or related to you. Look at them carefully and in great detail. What you will discover is that they are not real identical at all, what they do have are certain major focal points that at first glance make them look like twins. The more you look at them the less they look alike.

Of the 700 portraits I have identified a sizable number that exceeds the algorithm of random occurances.
…..These are all people that we call contemporaneous. That means that today they occupy the same space in time. They are all from the same century.
…..Some of these portraits are of members of one large extended family. In fact there are several families involved and that lessens the possibility of these being random.
…..The most amazing multiple occurrences belong to a family so well known that virtually no person with a cellphone, ipad, or a computer would be unfamiliar with them. Perhaps heaven truly wanted to pick something that would go viral.
……kim kardashian
…..kendal jenner
…..kris karma shin
…..kloe kardashian
…..robert kardashian
…..kayne west Kims husband
…..nori west Kims daughtet
….french montana kloes boyfriend
….bruce Jenner
….brody Jenner
….Brandon Jenner

…..barack obama
…..Bill clinton

….Ian mcshane
….halle berry
….tupac shakoor
….john belushi
…Jim belushi
…james coburn
…sylvester stallone
…Lisa kudrow
…bill Murray
…mel Gibson

……anoushka arman
…..Rebecca arman
…..anoushiravan arman

….nayereh razmara
….novzar razmara
….esmat tabatabai
….hormoz razmara
….reza tabatabaii
….ali tabatabaii
….minou adib
….maryam adib
….Mojgan amuzegar.
….Linda wallace
….mind adib

We have seven people of which six are related. I do not know what these people did when alive in fayoum but they are a diverse group….
…..heads of state
And since we pick up where we left behind it is fair to assume that the present might emulate the past. The one outstanding fact is that all the portraits seems to belong to a group of people are who are not much older than middle age, in fact they are a pretty young group whatever their manner of demise.

Another note of interest is that like their counterparts the statues and busts the portraits record the history of a group of people who have lived and reincarnated again in various places around the world. When you realize who these people are and where they appear in history over and over again that pattern correlates with the growth and movement of the Roman Empire which in itself is a validation.

Some of these faces can be found in
….ancient Greece
Each human face is a mixture of nuances that are not found anywhere else on earth past or present. Even with artistic license it is clear to see that lips, noses and mouths are different on each one of us. Eyes can be large, small and imbetween, their colors vary as does their expression. Each human seems to have their favorite stance which is a posture they favor when they are on show as it were. Some stare ahead, some tilt to their best angle and others don’t smile. I have noticed that I do the same in all my presentations in history. I have never liked the camera as I see it as an intrusion and I see the same ambivalence in my eyes in paintings, mosaics and statues. I never understood my hatred for the camera as my mother loved to be photographed and insisted in updated photos every year and when ever possible. Today a moment is captured in an instance when it may have required days of sitting for an artist in the past. Finally I realize that my disdain was formed from experience.

Today taking a photograph is all about pointing your cellphone in the right direction and storing thousands of snapshots requires a microchip the size of your fingernail. Remember that even for the richest person in ancient times there was just so much room to display and store these painted memories so they were special moments indeed. Several of these paintings belong to members of my own family, my mother, my father, my grandmother and even my youngest cousin who died this time last year. When I see these portraits I wonder about their circumstances, how did they die. Did I see this painting in ancient times and grieve. And I remember that many of these faces were as dear to their families as mine are to me.

Even when you validate heaven in your heart and mind and realize that those whom you have lost on this side are well and alive, it makes the circumstances that brought about their untimely death no less palatable. Every life is special and felt by those living them and not to be damaged or destroyed.

Today is the first day of January and the first day of 2015. It appears that somehow fayum is in the air and is being experienced by humanity and that is a good thing. There are several books on the topic on amazon currently being reviewed by readers rather enthusiastically. Secondly today as always is an emotional day but for good reasons. As I expressed earlier the kardashian family is a group represented by the portraits. When we say represented we have no genetic proof but visual connections, today we took a small step for mankind. Represented in the grouping is a portrait of a biracial little girl who just happens to be at the exact age that nori happens to be. The mummy of that little girl was found beside another female mummy who’s name on her wrappings was Demos as I searched the Internet for that connection it just happens that Demos corresponds to kloe kardashian. This is still visual but it brings us closer in that these two are related in life as they are in the paintings.

I am almost I done identifying fayoum portraits. I wonder about the hundreds that have been lost forever because the few that we have left tell us a great deal about the social make up and personalities of an ancient world. After much consideration and observation I am sure that all the portraits were produced while their owners were alive. For medical reasons alone it is impossible to capture a living expression from a corpse and even match the color and the twinkle in their eye. The cornea goes opaque within hours after death obscuring all eye color short of a round contour around the cornea itself. I read that only one percent of the mummies found had portraits attached. It’s very possible that these were items brought in by grieving families that were already in their possesion. That would also explain why so many of the mummies appear to be so young. As we get older it is less likely that we pose for vanity pictures. These were pictures perhaps of them at an ideal age. If there had been a catastrophic epidemic killing thousands I don’t think anyone would be hush painting.

Heroin and israel

Human history has an interesting way of weaving itself around people and populations. Events may occur half around the world perpetuated by another nation as a way to undermine the world. For several decades Russia fought Afghanistan and they did not win. Russia with its finest weapons of war fell victim to a small third world country where a few sheep graze and education has yet to rear it’s head. America has now filled that spot with several other western nations and they too are sorry they went there. I thought I had a few ideas why this area was of such importance. I knew that vast silica mines existed that were unique and worth endless sums of money. Now I know there are other reasons why technology failed to win the war in afghanistan. The entire region of afghanistan, India and Pakistan is evolved in the production of contraband, narcotics that have filled the banks of Jerusalem and south africa. Israel is strange country a mixture of the buzarre, a land of god, a runway of weapons of mass destruction, and home to a bunch a dirty, fat, bearded men wearing black and white who appear to have walked in from a bleak moment in history. How all of this bonds to create Israel has escaped everyone until now.

Israel joined the western forces for a short while but it’s real alliance gas always been eksewhere. They call themselves the forces of chaos. They worship a god that believes that damaging and hurting others creates an energy that fuels the prosperity of the jews. In other words your bad luck and poor timing is money in my pocket.

The game is to play the forces against each other and try to profit by it in selling weaponry. Israel used the west to level the Arab nations, who just by chance happened to be Israel next door neighbors. They bulldozed homes belonging to palastinians to demoralize them by never allowing them to grow roots in a place they could call home. They used the arc to spend hatred all over the planet until society grew weary of commerce, money and filling the pockets of large corporations. Israel was sure that they had all their bases covered in all places by creating a financial system that would feed on people’s fear and desperation as well as their prosoerity. They used India and Afghanistan to grow drugs that they harvested to feed the west and the east. They sat around and laughed that one day this would all be theirs and that they were successful conditioning mankind to accept their lies and their control. Most people see Israel as a struggling small country known for being the crossroads of three major religions. The average human looking with the naked eye does not realize that Israel is not just one location but an ideology hidden around every corner until the moment arrives.

What would you do

Their is this strange relationship between people and their government. Everyone believes that governments keep secrets from their people and that we are kept from the truth. In this lifetime my interests in politics and religion were minimal. I saw my parents arrival in America after the coup in Iran and their world was shattered. I was lucky enough at the time to be a youngster and I pulled into my world and refused to allow theirs to affect my life. Even here in America they had hope for a long time that perhaps the events that had brought them here could be turned back so one day they could return to their homeland. Whenever I overheard them talking about life in Iran and why things had gone so terribly wrong I kept on hoping they would concentrate on the present rather than the past. After all we were lucky to be alive when many perished. I had not lived in Iran long enough to see it as home and that emotional distance spared me the pain that they felt daily. They would relive the episode from various angles as if some new understanding would magically wipe away their circumstances. So my view point has always been that politics and religion were the never ending story. Life moved forward but those representing these ideas somehow held on like rubber bands fathering dust. I would say to myself these bearded menaces are simply the last vestiges of another lifestyle and understanding and one day they will be gone.

When I first met my husband to be we made a trip to Alabama to visit his grandparents. The day that we returned to Virginia I noticed my suitcase looked strangely bloated. I opened the top and pamphlets and brochures fell to the ground. I had been spammed by his grandparents with Christian propaganda of accepting jess as my lord and savior. Wayne was embarrassed and I thought it was just plain strange. They were kind and thoughtful people and our visit was pleasant. I just shrugged it off as being I’m bedded old fashioned attitudes that were not worth locking horns with.

I was always an observant human and an avid people watcher. I saw the struggle of humanity at an early age and in my own innocent way I was caught like a deer in the headlights. For lack of a better word I just didn’t get it. And I didn’t get what they didn’t understand. The overall concept of living and success and happiness seemed easy enough, so why did some people live in such obstructed lives.

Understanding reincarnation means that those who lived full lives in their past incarnations adapt more easily to the current. Through the many layers of substance they can already see and feel what lays on the outer most layer well before they get there.

I would say that in this lifetime I have had the most stifling personal exoeriences. I would title my own personal saga as the box experience for many reasons.without a doubt the last century has seen it’s share if major achievements and milestones. However I don’t feel that the people of this planet have experienced inner heights of glory as much as technological ones. I feel that what leadership we have had has obscured and not led. I feel that our lives and our minds gave been cooped up in boxes we call homes. And those that control money and business have similarly tried to subject us to their big box ideas that create monopolies that benefit the few and not the majority.

Those who live life on earth see themselves as a random act of nature. The few who know the truth understand that this is and has been a complicated process of millions and billions of years. The moment you see and understand this process from an external angle your blindfolds and misconceptions are forever removed.

I think therefore I am
I sit, I stand, I pray, I eat
Therefore I am

I think therefore I am is an equation, it states that the total human that you are consists of the subtotal of your experiences….nothing more and nothing less. You are a prisoner of your own thoughts and ambitions. And sometimes a temporary hostage of others. Once you leave your cocoon you will never return.

Sadly life on the other side of the looking glass up to this point has been nothing but an illusion that has been suggested. Nothing concrete has ever been verified for validation and the entire planet has been kept in a snow globe that validates between two vague understandings and one side decided it was more useful and profitable to replace god with money as the object of adoration.

Today in the safest nation and freest nation of the world people are being attacked and killed and brutality with no recourse. Israel and India are killing Americans on their own soil, breaking federal laws and obstructing humanitarian rights. That’s quite a duality. While this biggest crime goes undetected our warships and military forces are dragged around the world to fight causes that they cannot change and start wars that they cannot finish. While innocent people die an u natural and untimely death the rest of the world is locked in its own battle. They see the ebbing and riding of their world as a natural cycle of events. They feel locked in their own daily battle with bills and kids to feel that they can change the course of events.

That brings us to the present. The present is an inescapable truth. Earth is a planet of crossings. It is a place of migration jot from across the hills but other galaxies. We look different because we are. We war and bicker because on some level we cannot resolve our issues and we have different ideas of our future on this planet.

The question is you are now in charge of the decision making on a large planet with 7th lion people. You and yours have lived in close proximity to them and their for so long that it’s hard to draw a line and label others as the enemy within. You cone from a distinct genetic line as do they but it has become clear that life on this planet will not support everyone, not because of space but because of ideology and how space and resources are used.

So we arrive at a crucial destination point in time and space that is undeniable. After hundreds of thousands of years of trial and error, push and pull, war and peace populations come face to face with the ugly truth. The truth is that validation that goes against the grain. The derivative that is extracted from all the interaction good and bad that finally spews out the answer in a crisp white envelope. The answer is hard to read out loud, is not politically correct and does not suite all bystanders. But the answer happens to be the truth. And the truth is we cannot destroy the chances if all humans because of the shortcomings of the few.