The number seven

The number seven has long had a heavenly connection. We assign meanings to numbers and often people people have numbers and colors that appear to be significant in their lives. We use numbers to for cast things in the future or things that we fear. We lean towards astrology the use of numbers and planetary alignment. We read tarot cards to see into the future. Without reincarnation these are simply strange behaviors that show us that humanity fears what it cannot control and we desperately want to cling to something that reassures us that we are not expendable.

When you realize that the human time line, yours, mine and theirs, depends beyond the here and now into the past and the future things take on a different understanding. There must have been a time far into the past where numbers had a greater relevance. Reading this book you must understand that there was once a far greater technology in our lives. A technology that has left a memory or an imprint even if the exact impression is just a shadow at this point.

There is a persian holiday where bonfires are lit and everyone takes turns jumping over seven consecutive burning circles of fire. I was around ten years old when my parents arranged for me to spend the weekend at my grandparents so I could enjoy jumping over bonfires. I don’t know exactly why but I became very preoccupied with rocket ships all of a sudden. I asked for a large piece of cardboard as big as myself and I cut it to shape and I glued match sticks all around the edges to conform to the shape of a rocketship. Now that I know that people all over the world are being regressed at night to extract information about their present and past lives and potentially memories about life in heaven. This morning I suddenly snapped and remembered that this holiday once celebrated human travel through space, seven planets we have occupied, seven solar systems, seven binary suns. Now I know why a small child with no understanding or interest in rocket ships would suddenly subliminal build a representation to use on that night.

This also clarifies a Christian reference that God has seven houses upon high. There are no houses or architectural manifestations….seven houses of God refers to seven heavenly bodies or planets of which we are the seventh on earth. Someday we will find the other six and compare notes.

Ringing of the ear…Taos Hum

Shortly the year 2000 I developed a ringing in both of my ears. The ringing was very loud and sounded almost like a dial tone. I had no idea why this was occurring other than normal aging processes gad set in.sometimes I would lie in bed at night and wonder if I could make it through another day. I yearned b to just lie in bed at night and experience peace and quiet. I knew that I had once enjoyed this calm but it was gone. I googled and I researched ear ringing and found that I was not alone.

I realized that there were also millions of people who experienced another type of noise infestation. They were the people who heard loud humming noises coming from various directions that could not be explained. There was no construction, no earthquake zones, nothing natural or Un natural that could explain these intrusions.

Then we have cricket noises that really do not exist yet Noone questions them. Cricket noises at times of the year when you would not hear them. Or cricket noises so loud that your sidewalks and roof tops should be crawling with bugs.

Then we have strange sky noises that do not make sense. Noises so loud that a monster craft should be standing above you. Noises resembling rusting metal grates in the sky but nothing can be observed.

Then we have paranormal activity which requires participation. Electronic voice phenomena attributed to the dead and deceased wanting to communicate with the living.

The last category is he’ll on earth, hearing disembodied voices speaking to you night and day, abusing you, cursing you, belittling you and combining horrific background noises to drive innocent men, women and children to murder and suicide.

Capturing human frequency

Life and repetition often renders even the most amazing things as being rather banal. Human communication is something we take for granted and perhaps we don’t even understand.

……communication uses facial and body gestures.
……communication uses sound bites that are strung together to make words.
……communication uses head movements
……communication uses and creates moods which are an internal brain frequency.
…….communication involves utilizing the thoughts and frequency of others with and without their agreement in order to alter ours.
…….communication can also be held with other life forms such as plants and animals.
…….communication can occur by connecting with large groups of people who are similar minded without being in their presence or knowing them.

To understanding an exchange between two people may better help us to understand human communication. Two people agree to sit down for a conversation about their failing rekationship. Sounds simple in a sentence, it happens every day. Nothing exciting being uttered here.
……Every conversation has an existing history behind it. When two people who know each other meet they are already imprinted with all the emotional baggage of their prior encounters and everything attached to those experiences. If the conversation is about someone’s meddling friend then the time line continues to extend backward. The memories that we carry inside us are not like black and white photos, they carry smells, sights, sounds and moods. To some extent it’s possible to relive a memory even if it lacks the original content, length, duration and magnitude of emotional output.

Spirit attachments
Symptoms of spirit attachment


Just saw a short clip on you tube on electronic voice phenomena that could have been recaption….Three grown men acting like a fool. A big deal in the paranormal business is groups traveling to locations, places like cemetaries, former prisons and mental institutions and any place once occupied by someone famous or someone who became famous for the way they died. There is this assumption that the dead simply stay put after their death. They just stand around handing out invisible business cards. And groups of people purchase thousands of dollars in equipment so they can spend the night in a cold cemetery just in case the dead crawl out of their coffins to speak. Even before I became the victim of voices I found this to be a cringe worthy hobby. We were looking for heavens radio signal and they were looking to speak with someone who had died a violent death.

And not a single person to date has captured anything viable. Noone has yet to tell the tale of finding their mother, brother or long lost relative having a meaningful conversation with them from the other side….where ever it may be. They carry around ovilus that capture random words….never enough to make a sentence. They record using random radio searches where granulated voices often tell us what we already know.

There is an entire cottage industry devoted to this mania yet Noone questions the how or why. Should we be worried that humans all over the earth are obsessed with this. Do our loved ones just sit in a grave yard waiting for us to visit. When you brush aside the ghoulish macabre, there is a terrifying reality that something beyond explanation is occurring on earth.


Our world comes with all sorts of fringe beliefs. Our feet gave been firmly planted in our physical world for so long that all conjecture has become merely a fictionalized story book account. Apparently most humans have a life of here and now with ideas planted in a shadowy far off world of hopes and dreams. We live and suffer here today but we are allowed this secondary threshold of unsubstantiated truth that softens the blow of death and dismemberment. Human history is filled with stories passed down by word of mouth of things that are not real but have been forged into the foundation of our lives. Noone seems to question this bizarre duality that we hand down to our children but it’s a firm of self medication far more acceptable than booze and drugs.

In this secondary plain of existence there is far more variation, more nuances and more reasons than we have down here. In that other place time and space is less linear and finite than our seasons and calendars. Things may end up poorly here for reasons beyond our control but there the ending comes with a vibrant sunset.

We seem to have a tug of war relationship with this fictional place through our lives. When things go wrong, when economies fail to yield and when hearts are broken we climb into this elevator and we press heaven and we look upwards.

Heaven is like a large suitcase that holds everything that we have lost at some point in our lives. In this leather case everything exists unbroken, untarnished and unweathered by time.

These stories always come with a set of identifications of a time and place on earth when things functioned as they should. Cities that were magnificent, accented with colossal statues and superior planning and graceful edifices. In these times justice ruled and people had higher aspirations than birth, taxes and death.

These stories existed as far back as human history can recall. So who created them and how did they construct these mental constructions when in actuality they had far less.

It’s interesting today is black Friday all over the us. A day in which retailers cut costs to move goods. Black Friday is known for disruption, anger and violence as people rip each other apart for a good deal or to become the owner of the last item on the shelf. Every year we watch in horror small video clips taken inside retail establishments that defy logic and make us appear like heathens in some backwards third world country.

Why make up for sales when a little creativity and kindness would have yielded year long results. Only lunatics put themselves in a situation where you stampede inside a store in a wave of human madness, putting life and limb at risk for a dime or two. In years gone by people avoided black Friday unless they were teenagers looking for a little decisive action.

I guess black Friday is kind of like reincarnation, if life could have been lived the way it should have been we would not be coming back to do the same shirt over and over again hoping to fix what has gone wrong with humanity. Life on earth is our version of black friday. What is all the pushing, shoving and grabbing things from other people all about.