Arthritis and sound

It is clear in the human condition that we call life that our physical bodies are challenged by events and by trauma induced which pushes the bodies ability to cope to extremes. Noise pollution introduced by streaming has horrible side effects beyond those already addressed in previous chapters. When these events began to unfold several years ago I would wake up each morning with a sore neck and a bad headache. In fact it was the voices who gave me a medical assessment with which I agree. I was not yet fully Claire audient and experiencing the streaming as an internal turmoil. I was literally fighting the incoming stimuli at night by trying to free myself from my body.

I would also wake up with my hands twisted in strange configurations, fingers turned inwards towards my body. Waking up tired, drained and exhausted every morning. Today there was the sudden realization that millions of people suffer from arthritis to one degree or another and that this noise proliferation of our world is showing up as yet another ailment for which we do not have a conclusive answer. Natural aging and being subjected to frequency pollution and infiltration are very different.

Pipe dreams

The last four years have included a menu of bizarre events that occur with regularity every day. The newest victims are filled with panic and fear as the events unfold. And the idiots have programed the program to react to the reactions. When you are angered or stressed the voices and sounds are louder and more damaging to the recipient. In the moments and days that you exhibit more self control your personal magnetism and dynamics take precedence. The program consists of events that unfold from the moment you arose to the moment you close your eyes. There are programs within the program which means within the larger break down are millions of smaller algorithms that reflect every aspect of your particular lifestyle . The program is custom designed just for you and as it gathers information it continues to evolve. The more consistent you are in your daily lifestyle the better able you will be to survive. Survival means transitioning from being a victim in dire circumstances to slowly taking control of the helm and even being able to situate yourself to rising above your assailants.
The assailants treat the program like a video game into which you have been placed against your will. The program is set to view you as the enemy and to destroy you with sound, projectiles, hypnosis, regression, verbal and physical abuse. As you are ducked into this situation you body and mind lose all equilibrium due to electrical contact, noise pollution, sleep deprivation and fear. At some point everyone loses control of their lives before things improve .improvement occurs because…..
……your body and mind are adjusting and eliminating and understanding.
… are becoming familiar with the personalities behind the voices.
……you are developing your own particular arsenal of dealing with your circumstances.
……you might seek medical help and use medication to cope.
……The longer you stay alive the better your chances get.

One of the most fascinating elements of this crisis situation is the dream sequences that are created for you that have no relationship to any science or interactive entertainment on earth. That is the only outstanding facet yet undetermined. This could simply be a part of the technology itself but there are things that stand out that are desturbing.
……pipe dreams….my first interactive movie. A bedroom situated in a large boiler room with huge pipes exiting and entering walls and ceilings. I woke up stunned from the dream because it has a very bad aftertaste. You wake up tired exhausted and often nauseous and in pain. As soon as I awoke he began to review the dream for me and laugh at the pun….pipe dreams. That’s when I knew that this whole experience was going to be tinged with darkness and that my sleep was not safe either.
…….chasing a man that is supposed to be Gary but is not nor does he look like Gary.
……stadium sequence……This was like an interactive documentary. I was on the upper level of a huge and extraordinary stadium. Not that I have been in many stadiums but this appeared to have aspects beyond any on earth. I then followed someone into a social work office. A glum unhappy place filled with minority faces and cheap office furniture. I was being shown real places in almost a wide angle vision.
……dinosaur sequence…..A transitioning sequence that became a terror filled dinosaur interactive. The price was based on jurassic park with cheap production value. I woke up horrified but it was short lived. I knew immediately what the process was but I didn’t place the pun until later in the day.
……strange work place sequences.
……multi layered military movie…..A quick fast burst that felt like several short movies being beamed at the same time. Resembled movie reels from the Vietnam era. The colors were dated as we’re the planes. They wanted to know what I could recall of sequence they beamed at me.
… sequence with an animated body.
……Two ladies singing with hats……. Song….The funeral will be today…alien eyes. It felt as though it was a small part from a bigger production. Two elderly ladies singing opera. One face I did not see but the other even under layers of makeup and hat appeared unhuman with large almond shaped eyes and Jo nose that I could see.
….Italian mask sequence…..This felt like one of the assailants dressed as a woman with a harlequin mask under heavy makeup, smiling and winking at me.

What is uncertain and hard to determine about these dreams is whether I am interacting with an existing filmed production or if a human mind can interact with the program and allow it to create a movie from the desire in your mind and your ability to hold design detail to a value where the dream is filled with vivid detail.

The strange dream sequences are a very rare occurance as opposed to all the other daily happenings. That must mean that it takes time to create them in some manner that I do not yet understand. Dreams can also be part of regressions and those dreams have their own particular feel.

Oct 29 2014

Today has been a very difficult day. Almost ten days since I fell non the deck and there is very little mobility to my knee. I wish I could go to the hospital but I have no insurance nor can I afford tens of thousands for surgery. The painter ca my email today and began work on the rental unit, tomorrow he will be here in the morning and I have a lot b to accomplish by is deathly slow which NJ ears I am wracked with financial worries I have never seen an economy tank like this. There is virtual silence and we are days and weeks from christmas. The voices continue their rampage and I am past the point of caring. There is nothing left to say and the program of verbal abuse never changes and it’s the same five sentences and the sane bullshit. Yesterday in Virginia a rocket exploded during launch. The rocket was sending supplies and experiments to the international space station isis which happens to share a name with a recent terrorist group and all of this is reminiscent of two shuttle disasters. I sit here on my couch I mobilized and angry at the world. I look at the tabloids and I see people unraveling every where. I take into consideration my own tunnel vision but the reality of the voices that kill cannot be denied. I wonder about Frank sumption and his raving anger at the b world and at paranormalists every where. It not fair to make an assumption but I wonder what he knew, what he felt and how he died. I remember contacting him early in my victimization by the voices and some of what he told me worries me still. As you read this book you realize that there is no such thing as unexplained things as weird and as bizarre as they may indeed be. During full tilt psychosis I remember speaking with Frank using the accelerator and asking him to email me back ASAP and he did so. That Is The Only Unexplained event. Listening to the jewish….arab….Indian voices has built a solid hatred in me for their kind. I of all people who cared about equality and that part of the world, now wishes them all death. I hope they burn and die. I hope their wives and children die. I hope there is nothing left of them and their history on earth when it is said and done. This is the greatest travesty this planet has ever faced. That several poorly disposed nations used items they did not understand to destroy the world when those same items could have done just done the opposite and built empires. To think of the number of lifetimes that we have come and gone only to watch this planet die underneath our feet. These memories will be forever burnt into my immortal memory and where ever I encounter these bast arms I will slaughter them.

10:30 pm I receive a phone call from a Google number looking to make an appointment for massage. In my line of work you receive many phone calls that are questionable. Even with a website massage therapists are singled out and abused by men looking for sex. Five years of listen I no to voices is a quick fast way to learn human profiling. A voice can often tell you much more than you ever imagined.
……sexual orientation
…..economic profile
…..height and weight
… can even pick up nuances of facial profiles
Making an appointment is a very simple exercise. My posting are direct and my website could not be more clear in guiding someone through a process. You know you have a problem on your hand when…..
……A prospective client creates a long overdue conversation that does not end.
……When they list personal issues that are none of your business, serial or otherwise.
……When there is flattery by a stranger
……When they ask you if you need a photo or require any other info.
……When they ask you what you will wear and other unrelated issues
…….When they are angry, reluctant and fail to use the English language properly.

Making an appointment is simple but when it deviates to either side then we know that there is a hidden agenda.

The voice belonged to a young man, slender and probably late teens to early twenties at most. He is a voice I have heard so many times that I recognize it. He does not like making the calls and is uncomfortable and holds then phone away from his mouth at an angle. He had no accent what so ever. His voice was also one of two voices recorded on franks recordings by two teenagers mocking earth of a potential asteroid hit.
So we have adults in the United states killing people and using their children to do so.
……Two boys
…….home schooled
Its 1am and I am writing in bed. My leg is in pain and I am sufferibg b from rectal bleeding.i have had hundreds of ups and downs in the past four years. There were so many moments that I did not think that I would live to see another day but I did. Moments that were nothing short of a miracle and I have never been a believer in miracles. I have made it this far under attack, I may live to see a better day and I may not. I am a born problem solver and that is my better trait. I don’t belie c en that anyone can tell the future but I feel that I was led to this moment and I do not know why. My head is filled with all sorts of things remnants ofvtoday, yesterday and maybe long before then. I know in my heart that this planet can be saved but I am not sure that all the humans on it deserve to be saved. It has to be a balance of things living that can and will care and nurture each other. I was so saddened by seeing my family reincarnate over and over on this planet falling prey to the same lunatic fringe. It is heartbreaking to find heaven and proof of its existence yet be shattered in knowing that immortality means living side by side with filth.

One god theory

Like most civilized people I always assumed that if there was a god out there he or she would be overseeing all races on this planet. That view point came from the innocence of a child, a simplistic view that says we are all here why can we not get along, especially since none of us seem to have devised a method of leaving this planet or having an invitation of another life bearing planet for a long term visit.

We were taught that racial differences were created by geography and exposure or lack of exposure to sunlight. That over time our eyes changed shape, our hair became curly and are skin developed a natural tan. They failed to tell us that we came from different planets, perhaps even universes, that once here we maintained our social integrity and perhaps migrated to places on earth that were climactically similar to our planet of origin.

Racial tensions and religious acrimony are as strong as ever in this planet and I don’t want to shift the tides but understanding our origins and the truth is important to our survival. How do you determine if there is such a thing as a dominant racial profile? Is it a fair description, does it serve a purpose other than to create decent amongst others. Our world is in a state of collapse, and collapse is created by friction between people, groups, countries and races. I am not going to review the issues facing us other than suggesting you read the news. I do believe there are racial profiles adding strain and volatility to this planet. A dominant race….
….provides a leadership role towards all nations.
….treats people equally and also exhibits the same fairness towards men and women alike.
….has a domestic policy b that states none interference with other countries unless it’s an act of war or providing assistance to those who are needy and displaced by war or act of nature.
…..that their country adheres to laws that safeguard nature and animals and that chemicals that are dangerous are disposed oroperly.
……that no one is homeless, starving, lacking in food or education. That welfare is removed but programs are installed that allow anyone who needs work to be provided an opportunity to do so through their community, state, city or businesses.
…..A healthy people equals a healthy country, government and future.

So if we look different and came from different places, and have differing values and social understanding and genetic make up, could we be from the same creator. I am the one writing this book. A book so hard to grasp as reality unless you have lived through this and millions have, who keep quiet out if fear and alienation. What I am pouring forth is the truth, maybe not your truth but mine. It may not be 100 percent scientifically accurate but never the less it is my truth as I have lived it. Why would one creator set about to make many different versions some better, some best and some clearly lacking? Why would that creator set us upon each ither, confuse us and force us to kill each other for amusement. In spite of all the circumstances many of us c are able to make justifiable judgements. We are c able to lead lives that are fruitful, filled with ideals of love and family and a better future. I believe that we are different because we came from different zones and creators and the reason the outdated religious doctrines are still causing ripples is because there is some ancient understanding lost in translation.
For some this is a mortifying reality that gives some a handle on genocide and a reason to remove things that they consider different rather than enjoy the diversity. The real issue is that the people of this planet require the truth of their birth and the ability to delve into their differences. The truth itself does not make a damn bit of difference in the sense that we have been gere, we are going to be here and if anything understanding and accepting those differences may be helpful in the long run. But jnjustice, murder, wrong doing and the slaughter of innocent humans has nothing to do with anything other than greed.

Something catastrophic must have happened to bring us under one roof. People who don’t like each other don’t party together. Our social rift is undeniable our history of genocide and war is there for all to see. Yet this planet has been a life boat for all involved and like a rubber dingy we are putting holes in it and our future.

This planet is so fragmented in its understanding that we are now introducing another variation on the theme. Nothing that is currently out b there has ever been conclusively proven. There is no body of people, no organization working to create an effective timeline. All over the world things lie in storage in museums, historically important artifacts are looted and destroyed in war. So who are we? Why are we here, and why can we not understand our predicament?

Perhaps we are the last of our kind, a dying breed, should we not treat each other with greater reverence. Life is so bad on this rock that humans are waiting for extraterrestrials to come and save us from ourselves. We have not yet acclimated ourselves to our racial differences and we are about to add something green with suction cups on its fingers. We have never met one in person but we are about to let them redecorate our planet. That is human reality. The more difficult our problems become the further we stray from the truth and the center. We send out space craft with our address on it inviting curious things in our direction. What if these voices were those unwanted house guests and little green men. Frankly I don’t think such things exist and if anything is out there it is more than likely to be a close natch with what is already here. I might be wrong but I would rather deal with what we have and understand to be if the human species.
They spend all this time regressing people and asking people questions in their sleep. You would have thought that by now they could solve the problems of the world and fill in some blanks and raise us to the next level.

Connecting the dots

Connecting the dots is the ability to use logic and common sense to understand the relationship between all sorts of things. Mental illness is when connecting the dots becomes difficult. To the person hearing voices they make perfect sense, their actions are justified only after much deliberation and distancing themselves from their actions are they able to see and understand delusional behavior. The machine, the particle accelerator has an uncanny way of making the connection between point A and point B. You can feed it thought patterns and allow it to knit you a story. To understand why that is you have to be a good linguist and a good writer and understand pronouns. Take a real event a real story line and break it apart into segments, what you will end up with are the following.
…..The beginning, usually sparked by a person and a verb. The verb is action oriented.
…..The middle, the body of the story which includes lots of adjectives,  verbs and pronouns.
…..The ending which is resolution of an issue, usually ladder with drama and one person emerges as the winner
Maybe jot typical of our everyday lives but mental patients create drama, they jump to conclusions, they feel persecuted and ultimately alienated from society and when that happens they are now part of a live action melodrama that will not conclude well.

I know this well myself. Everyday the voices scavenge through the dustbin in my mind looking for something to bend, set on fire and when that fails to yield results they find something that I am worried about and stroke it until I fall into a depression or explode in rage at anyone who will then react and become a catalyst.  The formula is simple and never changes. Even when you know the formula it’s hard not to react. What the voices collect are bits and pieces of your life, your hopes, your dreans, your failures, whatever is important to you and they mix and match it with a few things out of their dirty sock drawer and because human life is a routine that we all experience it is simple to make connections where they do not necessarily belong.

As I write down my stories I sometimes think how will the out side world absorb this? Will they judge me poorley? Then I realize that I don’t care this book is written for those who understand. This book is a platform for all the victims society denied access to proper medical care. This book is about the truth and if the truth exists between these pages then it shall be found. My favorite saying is the truth shall set you free. Won’t it be horrifying when someday science will come face to face with a particle accelerator and realize what the rest of us already know.