Why are we here

This is a question that should be pondered every day. I think a discussion about this topic will always yield fascinating and inspiring results. We are so used to being here that we don’t question our own existence. When life becomes so ordinary that it no longer lights a spark. When the indoctrination has worked so well that we all now have the consistency of jello. I knew something was up when my small son asked my long ago what kind of video games I played with as a child and I squinted at him and I said rocks and chalk on a sidewalk. He thought I was being amusing and I knew that eventually the world would be in trouble. Every story has a beginning accept the one pertaining to seven billion people on this planet.we are the best are children of earth. We came from somewhere long ago and no one kept the ticket stub. We lack a vital anchor to our self understanding. Loneliness is a big issue on our planet. No amount of money is ever going to buy what you don’t have inside. Most of us feel pushed to the edge and suicidal when we cannot maintain our basic life style. Divorces, financial troubles, job losses and bereavement top the list. Understanding who you are and where you came from allows you to stabilize and feel those roots. Whenever I have felt like giving up hope I have reminded myself that I did not appear out if nowhere. That my parents and their parents and generation’s before them, toiled and sacrificed and cried for t b ear losses so I could be here today. I bear testimony to all those who walked before me who can no longer speak for themselves. That is a powerful thought that they worked so I could exist and I will do the best I can to honor them. It’s even more astounding when you realize that we reappear on this earth time and time again to take our places and resume where we left off. To know that our creator loved us and wanted us to prosper and move forth. We were not created as one time occurrences only to disappear and never be seen again. It’s even more amazing when you realize that your mother and father have been yours from the beginning of time. That I held my father’s hand and enjoyed his company more times than I will ever know. For the first time it’s possible to look at reincarnation as a science and a reality. That reality will change every aspect of our lives. But a human, man, woman or child is something special. We are history we have not just occurred at a moment in history.

Spaceship to temple

Arguments are abound on earth on the topics of God and religion and the origins of mankind. Some believe we rose out of the primordial sea, others are digging to unearth the link between apes and modern man. I have my own ideas on this matter that have been strengthened since my captivity by the voices during my paranormal inverstigations.

I firmly believe that life originated from other planets in our solar system or beyond that long ago. Archeology and large scale structures on earth always point to the fact that groups of people either indicated certain star systems or had an unusual knowledge of astrophysics and astronomy beyond their time. They calculated cycles of orbit for the sun and the planets from a vantage point that seemed an impossibility. Some even indicated the number of planets in our solar system thousands of years before we were able to do so by looking through modern tekescopes.

For the average human this is mere conjecture and it’s possibility does not change the reality of their everyday life. For those of us who were entranced by the paranormal world and found ourselves in a nightmare beyond understanding it is now real.

There is an assumption that the transition of time automatically dictates the growth of technology that movement forward in space and time brings us closer to a state of perfection. That may not always be the case. Perfection is a balance between daily human existence and technology. There are elements of man’s day to day activities that will never be replaced by digital software, computers, I phones and fast cars and emails. In the past twenty years we took a swift forward movement in fast pace technology and suddenly we have taken a major step back.
Customer service cannot be replaced by a robot or an answering service.human eye contact is a part of who we are and how are brains are wired. When we stand in front of someone and when we have direct voice to voice contact we are able to fill in a profile. Most of our technologies today are geared towards entertainment and communication. We have stopped sending man to outers pace and shut down our once popular space shuttle program. Inventions and technologies require responsibility.

When I joined the paranormal field and decided that electronic voice phenomena was something that interested me I contacted the best leaders in the field I met Frank Sumpter who had a Facebook page, delegated several forums and was known as the inventor of the random search radio, a device that searches the radio signal field for any unusual signals and voice recordings that may be outside of the understood realm. Frank lived in Colorado he was a simple carpenter and had a fire temper. He was a contradiction in himself in that he was the leader in a field of study that he despised. I found it amusing that he locked horns with every reader her calling them stupid and narrow minded. The paranormal field resembled a modern gold rush, everyone wanted to be the first to find the signal for heaven and unravel the mystery of ghosts, poltergeist and electronic voice phenomena.

I had joined their ranks not out of curiosity but out of grief. I was looking for answers and they were looking for glory. I was searching for a person I loved and they seemed content to post every voice recording they came upon. The forums were filled with snitty people and arguments. There was no scientific approach to accumulating data, preserving it, categorizing it and deriving and understanding from it. The whole mess was like collecting seashells at the beach and throwing them in a jar. Not a single person in the field had even a snippet of a conversation with anyone that they knew that had transitioned to the otherside.

None of the more experienced members seemed interested in sharing knowledge or skills, on one forum someone said that I was merely hoping that someone would give me free equipment when in plain English I had asked them for advice as to what would be the best investment for a newbie in the field. Commercial equipment was available on line from just under z $100 dollars to several thousand. I contacted manufacturers and they too seemed disinterested in assisting a novice. After months of reading I chose a popular but inexpensive unit made in Taiwan called PSB7.

Form and function

Form and function depicts the duality of existence. Just about everything you see around you can be described and has a function. In front of me are a set of green wing chairs with cherry legs. A chair facilitates sitting, a form of human posture that allows us to perform certain tasks. A chair has a seat, a back, arms and padding, it sits at a height where seated your feet touch the ground. It seems simple enough, by exposure to things in our world we come to accept them for what they are. Now go to a hardware store or electronics store and look at random parts that you know nothing about, not so easy.

Humans manufacture and create an assortment of gadgets, gizmos and purely esthetic objects. We can control every dimension and every size to our own liking. If you were to catalog all the things that we manufacture you would come to some interesting conclusions. These might be referred to as standards of measurenent, units or even fashion. Whatever wired our brains has made certain things more appealing to us than others. If we study these standards we might come to further conclusions. Sometimes these standards shift in time and space. What is happening in our emotional world effects these standards. If you trace the movement of these shifts like tectonic plates you derive an overview of world history at a glance. When economies are prospering fashion pushes the envelope of acceptability and colors will be vibrant. During economic downturns fashions simplify both in shape and color reflecting the mood of humanity. By charting and graphing these changes we create a wave form. It is fair to say if our current shifts in standards are similar to those in 1500 that what may follow may allow bear a resemblense. We are now creating a science out of understanding form and function. This science at it core can be simplified into mathematical terms and then we have an algorithm. When we look at a simple math equation 1+1=2, we learn this as children, you see it you accept it and some adults probably would not understand if you asked them what that means. It means what it means they would same, but what does that mean. Simply put the function means that two equal quantities put together equal a known sum.

My house is filled with eastern artifacts. Why eastern some would say. Have you lived in the far east? My answer is I gave lived in many places around the world and visited many more, but I have never ventured to the far east. At a closer look I analyze my choises. My choices tell me all sorts of things about my self.

I love detail in artwork because I am drawn to details. Be it art or politics I look at things from all angles to better understand people and situations.

Symmetry and balance. Balance is something that we apply to daily living. People who can balance their thoughts and actions do not fall prey to extremes. Extremes include drugs, alcihol, violence and self destruction. Asian art is about symmetry and their history exemplifies that.

I once made a comment to Satan that you can judge a people by their God, and so we will. Sit in any church in the western world and in front if you is a large cross with jesus nailed to it. What a beautiful picture. I am no longer a small child, but ask yourself what lasting impressions are left on children who see that. At the age of six I went on a family vacation to spain, a tour of the entire country. Spain is filled with amazing architecture in the form of cathedrals. I was never happier than when we left. Seeing their representations of religion and spirituality was depressing, dark and frightening. Seafood is a national dish in spain. Everything we ordered at every meal seemed to arrive with a lobster balanced on top. Unlike American restaurants to remove unpleasant parts of things you do not want to see, Spain served them whole. By the end of the month, crucifixes and lobsters created anxiety in a small girl.

In contrast Buddha and the buddies religion are very different that our western approach. Where Christianity is filled with warnings of what God looks down on, eastern religion teaches a doctrine of balance between life and nature. It reminds us that all things in nature work together. The importance of family cannot be stressed enough. A seated Buddha unlike a bleeding , nailed Christmas represents a state of being grounded. His countenance shows patience and his eyes are lowered in humility. Eyes are about confronration, and confrontation is about personal ego.

Regardless of your personal tastes living in a world requires understanding it. Understanding your world defines your relationship and how the two interact. On earth humans are at the top of the food chain and that means that our actions control the future of life on this planet. As it stands our needs on many levels have upset the balance of life. Nature itself is a force to be contended with, it has an understanding of its own. Nature can exert itself to heal wounds inflicted on the planet but constant depletion of resources and plant and animal life may one day result in a cascade effect that cannot be stopped.

Our world is about cause and effect. If we were to schematic ally diagram these relationships and algorithms they would best be defined by circles interacting with circles. Cycles are circles and nature does not create anything that is a straight line.

If a cycle is a circle what does that tell us about the big picture? Our planets are round, orbits are circular, the sun is a circle. Noone as yet has traversed the far edges of the universe but it might be safe to assume that the universe itself is circular.

Science has used the term string theory to describe mathematical theories presented to describe that which forms and guides the universe. There are many theories out there because none have ever managed to contain the entire spectrum.